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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The return of Pete's Pop Picks..! What are the best new tracks this Summer..?

South of the Equator it’s summer and we’re loving the blue skies, warm breeze, sand in our toes and riding the waves along the Australian coast. Summer also brings parties, BBQ’s and outdoor fun, and we’ve got three awesome tracks to help you celebrate life in the return of Pete’s Pop Picks..!

Thomas Jack - Rivers Feat. Nico & Vinz

With long wavy blond hair, sun kissed skin and loose flowing clothes, Thomas Jack’s look doesn’t immediately say ‘DJ’ but after you hear Rivers you’ll want to know more. In the upcoming genre of Tropical House Thomas Jack’s already had some great success on the party circuit and this Summer this 23 year old Australian hottie will surely gain a legion of new fans. With his debut single Rivers he’s enlisted the help of Nico & Vinz, hot off the success of their track Am I Wrong?, and their voices work perfectly on this awesome track. For us, Rivers is the perfect Summer dance track and Pete's Pop Pick of the month – check it out below..!

twenty one pilots - Stressed out

It seems new genres are all the rage as Ohio band twenty one pilots (make sure you don’t use CAPS when typing the band name..!) consider their style as Schizoid Pop – and it is quite a unique sound. We’re absolutely loving their new single Stressed Out and it seems charts around the world are as well with the single already starting to make an impact. This duo from Ohio consist of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn and according to them, the purpose of their music is “to make people think” as well as to encourage people to find joy in what they come to believe in life. Stressed Out is definitely a song that we hit ‘repeat’ on often and we reckon you’ll love it too..!

Neon Hitch - Freedom
Another new genre is represented with the latest from Neon Hitch, a great singer we’ve featured on SCP before who’ve not yet had the success she deserves. Firmly entrenched in the Gypsy Pop genre, the UK’s Neon Hitch is a singer that keeps pumping out great tracks but Freedom is a bit different from her. Definitely more Gypsy than Pop, Freedom uses beats, pan pipes and unique vocals for a sound that is quite unique. Definitely one for our New Years Eve party playlist, check out Freedom for yourself now..!

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