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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Album Review - Chris Brown - Royalty

Chris Brown fans will already be familiar with a few singles from this his seventh studio album Royalty despite the lack of a top ten hit so far... 

Currently Back to Sleep and Fine By Me are bubbling away in the ARIA Urban Singles charts but the album’s singles LiquorZeroBack to SleepFine By Me and new one Picture Me Rollin’ haven’t achieved the same level of success as some of Brown’s previous hits like Run It and Don’t Wake Me Up. Nevertheless after more than a few listens the SCP office agree that there are some genuinely great tracks on this album. No matter what you think of Chris Brown (fan or hater!) he’s a hard working artist who is capable of writing hits and contributing to R&B musical culture.

If there is an overall disappointment about this album it’s Brown’s reliance on autotune. On some tracks such as Fine By Me and Make Love this adds little and actually detracts from otherwise enjoyable songs. On the other hand a real positive is the sampling of Warren G’s Regulate which is put to fantastic use in latest single Picture Me Rollin’ and is a respectful nod to Brown’s 90’s R&B influences. Maybe this strong track will give Brown the hit this album is still looking for!
Other standout tracks include ZeroAnyway which is a great duet featuring up-and-coming actor-cum-singer-songwriter Tayla ParxLittle Bit and No Filter. Chris Brown also gives us some sexy slow-tempo R&B with Discover – in which he croons about gaining back a lost love. Unfortunately a few songs are easily skippable; the SCP office found Proof unlistenable and another poor use of autotune. Sometimes the lyrics are cringe-worthy from the creepzilla if “you’ve been on that pole too long and girl I’m trying to take you home” to the contrived rhyming of “there’s something in this liquor; the air is getting thicker” in Liquor. But let’s not be too negative on Royalty – there’s enough good material here to show that Chris Brown is still a pop contender; still very capable of producing interesting songs and toe-tapping tunes.

Royalty is available now on iTunes..!

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