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Monday, 16 November 2015

We will never have enough of Allie X..!

Following the news that Allie X will be releasing her first UK EP, Catch, you can now listen to a brand new track from the EP, 'Never Enough which is truly amazing.

Allie X comments, "'Never Enough' xplores the idea of being in 'love' with someone to the point where a relationship self implodes. Very often people feel a 'burning love', but that feeling doesn't seem to sustain itself. 'Love' isn't enough to keep two people together."

But a pop icon who appears fully formed, perfectly realised, with no rough edges and a cast-in-stone persona, Allie X is not. The X she added to her name for this phase of her career is not insignificant. “"If you need to become anonymous and wipe the slate clean, X gives you the power to do that,” she explains. “In mathematics, X represents the unknown quantity: it’s full of possibility. Once all the questions are solved, X becomes something else." At that point, she explains, Allie X will have found the missing part of herself. “Eventually, if all goes according to plan, I won’t be Allie X any more,” she adds, “I’ll just be Allie.”Having amassed a cult following of ‘X’s’ in the US, Allie X’s first UK release drops at the end of November and is accompanied by a new lyric video for lead single, ‘Catch’ that you can find in our Introducing feature.  The EP also includes brand new track ‘Never Enough’ plus a remix for ‘Catch’ by London Producer, Kat Krazy. Still no news on releasing or coming to Australia.

The ‘Catch’ EP is however just a taster of what’s to come, with more new music, paired with Allie X’s signature style visuals, coming very early next year, and making Allie X a definite ‘one to watch’ for 2016. 

‘Catch’ EP Tracklist;‘Catch’
‘Never Enough’
‘Catch’ (Kat Krazy) Remix

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