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Friday, 13 November 2015

Samantha Jade FINALLY releasing debut album Nine..!

OMG OMG OMG, this news was magic to our ears this week, when Samantha Jade announced off the back of her incredible performance of Shake That featuring Pitbull on The X Factor Australia this week, she will be releasing her debut artist-album Nine on Friday November 20th - eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk...!

We have been patiently waiting for this album like FOREVER and it was a surprise when we learnt of the albums details. According to the press release "Nine is an album of beauty and complexity, which on the surface first blossoms as melodic pop affair, but which slowly reveals its complexities and maturity."

Ok we are getting exciting, it continues...

"Samantha Jade is proud of her passion for pop music, and doesn’t shy away from the wide appeal of her musical style. The songs on offer aren’t trendy, of-the-moment, producer-stamped recordings, but instead deliver fresh, catchy, and instantly-dynamic hooks that revel in joy and positivity."

OMG we are wetting our pants, then Samantha Jade told us this...

“When we started to make this album my team at Sony asked me what kind of record I wanted to make and I told them I wanted to make a pop record because that’s what I love. I wanted to make pop music that wasn’t too in your face, and had an influence from a number of styles and tempos. I like all different sides of pop music so I really wanted some diversity from the songs I included on the album.

“Songs like Show Me Love, Always, Shake That, and What You Want are very fun pop songs that make you feel like letting go and enjoying the good times, whereas songs like Castle and Nine are songs to inspire people and to give them strength and courage.”

Recorded in the US and Australia with a team of international writers and producers from around the globe that includes the likes of Babyface, The RascalsJon LevineMason ‘MDL’ LevThe Fliptones, DNA and more, that make the arrival of Nine beyond exciting and an undeniable collection of heavyweight pop genius. 

*SCP faints due to pop overload of excitement*

And whilst we pick ourselves off the floor Sammy J (to her friends) explained the album title for us...
“When I wrote ‘Nine’, I wanted to get a sense of positivity in even the darkest moments so it came with the reference of being on cloud 9 or a cat with nine lives. The number 9 has also always been important in our family, and our birth dates have some sort of connection with it too. The song is very organic in that sense and directly from my heart.”

When you look at the track listing, some pop fans maybe wishing to see Jade's back catalogue like Solider, Firestarter, Up! and Sweet Talk, however we do not agree. We think this is a smart move. We've had to wait a long time for this debut album, so it should definitely be one that reflects Sammy J's at this time now. Whilst the other songs are A-MAZE-ING, we think they should be saved for a Deluxe or special edition of the album.

Wait For It
What You Want
Only Just Begun
Shake That feat Pitbull
Show Me Love
Let the Good Times Roll
Born to Be Alive

Anyway, whilst SCP nags the record company for a copy of the album before its release, here is Samantha Jade performing on X-Factor. 
Get your copy of Nine on iTunes pre-order now..!

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