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Monday, 16 November 2015

Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue disco up Christmas..!

Well we maybe late to the party on this new Kylie Minogue track, but it isn't because we do not love it. We may have been dancing way to much to this song at SCP HQ to forget to post about it so sorry..!

Anyway, back to this new track from Ms Minogue. We did have a bit of doubt over Kylie doing a Christmas album, however this collaboration with sister Dannii Minogue is just pure amazing. 100 Degrees is taken from Kylie's Christmas album and the track is not you would expect from a Christmas track. 

Kylie starts of the track in a traditional Xmas track way, soft and delicate, building the excitement over Christmas, however then the funky beats kick in and we have the two Minogue sisters delivering one of the best disco tracks we've heard all year. Not only that, it doesn't sound like a Christmas track, it sounds like a Kylie track, that makes it a million times better. 

Check out the new track below and get ready for the two sisters to perform this track on X-Factor Australia Grand Final over the next couple of weeks. 100 Degrees is available on iTunes now..!

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