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Thursday, 5 November 2015

INTERVIEW - Stan Walker

Welcome back to SnapCacklePop Stan Walker, for the 4th time!!
I know, you guys are awesome, but its been a while.

Well, we last chatted when you released your Truth and Soul album.
Wow, that feels like a long time ago. I was filming this movie at that time.

And now we are here talking about it after its release. 
Yeah its feels so surreal man, I have been really nervous man. I have been patiently waiting for the movie to come to Australia and whilst I was born in New Zealand, this is my home. So you get a bit nervous when you release things here. In New Zealand, least I can escape if need be. [Laughs]

Tell us about the film...
This is really exciting, as its a hip hop film. New Zealand are massive on the International Hip hop dance scene, actually they have been number one for the last eight years. My old friend used to be massive on the dance scene now it is Paris and she is dancing with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson and everyone around the world. That is how this film came about, they wanted to do a film about this epic movement in New Zealand. So they asked me to be involved.

So are most of the people in the movie dancers?
Yes they are! Many of the people in the movie have never had acting experience. They are massive dancers, so it was easier for them to learn acting than to get a bunch of actors in to learn dancing. I fall into the latter category. I had to learn to dance, on an international level. So no pressure [Laughs] The director went out and picked the best dancers and the few actors who couldn't dance yet had to learn. And not learn to a simple level, they had to learn to international Paris level [Laughs]

Tell us about your character?
Well they actually wrote my character into the movie, which is such an honour. When I walked on set for the first time, I met Paris for the first time and they asked me to go into the studio with her. I was really confused, until she turned round and "lets dance!". I had to then dance in front of all these young dancers who were top of their game, it was so embarrassing! I asked if she was going to make it easy for me and Paris turned round to me and say "No"

Was it like being back in auditions on Idol?
Totally, however in-front of an international audience of top dancers. [Laughs] So my character is called Benji, he is one of the lead characters and he is the comedic character of the film, that takes it easy and likes a laugh. He doesn't take too much to serious, however because of the community he is in, he gets into situations like drug dealing to hustle to get through life and ends up in trouble. However the great thing about this movie is its about redemption and dreams.

So in the trailer there is a moment where the dad character says "You need a real job" - have you ever felt or gone through this yourself?
It is such a such a generational thing. That generation had to go out and work with their hands, which I really respect them for, however nowadays, you can earn a career by following any dream you have. We have reality TV and social media to thank for that change. I had my own journey where I had to follow my heart and not what was expected from me and I am so grateful I followed my heart. 

Now onto the new single Start Again. It's about not giving up and new beginnings, talk to us about that.
A lot of people in life fall down and this track is not about picking yourself up once, its about picking yourself up again and again. You can get knocked down every day, however it is how you pick yourself back up which this song reflects. New starts, redemption and starting again. 

You do bring a bit of sunshine to this track by featuring the gorgeous Samantha Jade, how was that?
She is just sunshine. Annoying ray of sunshine [Laughs] If you see us together we are two clowns, we have these characters, that are surfing bogans.

Do these characters have names?
Yes they do [Laughs] I am Wazza and SJ is Shazza. [Laughs] We just combine and we just have such a laugh. She is so hilarious and then she is this incredible singer. Best thing about having her on the song is I get her to sing. We both do pop songs, however this track allows us both, especially SJ to really showcase her vocal range.

And we hear you are heading out on tour?
Yes I am on the road at the moment, it is my first independent tour. It is all me and all my mum. It has been such hard work, but have made it my best show. I have had to invest so much into this tour, as I'm doing it on my own, that I am so excited about sharing with my fans. We even have the X-Factor Fisher Boys as a support act, which is really exciting.

Is there dancing on the tour?
A lot of dancing. It would be shame after the film not to bring that into my show.

So onto our big 5 questions this week...
Who are you listening to right now?
I am listening to Chris Brown, Brande and Jasmine Sullivan. I have to call out Bonnie Anderson, I think she is one of the best voices Australia has right now.

What is your perfect date night?
I love going to the movies, especially Gold Class!

Who else would your like to duet with?
Definitely Bonnie Anderson in Australia and I think Tinashe. She is incredible.

How do you relax?
I love doing nothing. Just love watching things on Facebook and wasting time. There is some hilarious things on there. 

Are you a de-friender?
Totally, my personal page is my page, so sometimes I need to just have those people on my Facebook profile removed. [Laughs] In all honestly, I need people on my Facebook to know who I am.

Lastly, what do you want to be remembered for?
I've never been asked that before. I want to say my voice, yes my voice.

Stan Walker, always a pleasure, good luck with the film, single and tour and we will see you again very soon to talk your new EP..!
(yes we said new EP)

Stan Walkers new single featuring Samantha Jade is available on iTunes now..!

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