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Monday, 23 November 2015

INTERVIEW - Samantha Jade

We have patiently waited for the debut album Nine from Samantha Jade, so was super excited to chat to the singer over its release, get the full run down on each of the tracks and why this LP means so much to her. It’s the SnapCacklePop Interview with Samantha Jade..!  

Sammi J welcome back to SnapCacklePop, how excited are you to FINALLY be releasing your debut album?
Thank you. I can't believe it. It weird to think you work so hard for something and then thats it, the day is finally here and I don't know what to do.

How are you feeling?

Excited, nervous, it's like I am finally releasing my baby out there. At the end of the day I am happy with the record and my fans have responded fantastically to the tracks I have released. So I am excited.

Why was there a delay in releasing this album? Were you not ready? Did you not have enough tracks?
Look last year was pretty much a write off for me career wise, I went and spent it with my family and I wouldn't of done it any other way. Family first. The year before that we were trying to make the record but it just wasn't coming together right. You never get a second chance at a debut album, so you have to make it right. After everything that happened with my mum, I had new stories to tell, new feelings I was feeling and new ways of thinking. So we actually rewrote the whole album from scratch. Some of the tracks just didn't make sense to me anymore, so wanted to relook at every track and start again. I now have a different outlook on life.

Some fans would be looking for all your previous singles on this album, was that a conscious decision not to include them?

The reason we did that was, if we were going to do an eleven track album, then five of them would of been my previous singles, that wouldn't of given me enough to express myself and would be rude to my fans not given them a whole record of new material. How rude would that be? [Laughs] Shake That was a whole new direction for me, so I felt the album needed to be full of brand new tracks.

What a great performance on X-Factor, was it good to be back on the show?

I love X-Factor. I'm such a fan. Some people go on the show and then they hate on it after, however I am such an advocate for the show. It creates great stars and as long as you work hard enough you will have a career.

So back to the album and lets go through each track...

Is the last song I wrote for the album funnily enough and its the first track on the album. It's the opening track as its fun and its pop and that is what I wanted to share with my fans. It has a throw back vibe to 90's Mariah Carey or Whitney. 

Naked is like here I am world [Laughs] It's about a past relationship, what I feel went down with my ex boyfriend. We are still not bitter towards each other at all, but it was a tough time when we split up and the track is a reflection of that time. This was one of the songs we salvaged from the first cut of the album and rewrote.

Wait For It
A great song, I didn't write it however when I listened to it, I feel in love with it. I sounds like the start of an Australian summer. It's that perfect track that reminds me of the beach or a open fire at night. 

What You Want
90's R&B / Pop is my favourite type of music and that is What You Want is for me. A different vibe for me to, a bit Cater To U  by Destiny's Child, a song that makes you feel sexy.

Talking sexy can we say hello album cover!
[Laughs] Thank you

Only Just Begun
This track is written with DNA, who I did What Have You Done To Me and Firestarter. They are unbelievable. The track is my European summer anthem. When I listen to it, it reminds me of Greece and the euphoric summer vibe.

Shake That feat Pitbull
Speaks for itself. A different sound for me that kicked off this new album and was great working with Pitbull.

Show Me Love
This is my urban moment. Its my roots, like going back to when I was signed with Jibe records. I feel I needed a comeback song. Huge fan of Aaliyah and that is my inspiration for this track.

Let the Good Times Roll
This track is about not looking back on bad times in a bitter way. Once you are at peace with that moment, don't look back and enjoy the good times to come.

Castle is a very personal song to me. It's my "up yours" song to the world. I've had so many ups and downs, things thrown at me over the last ten years. From being dropped, to my mum being sick, my old management coming back to sue me post X-Factor and even being in the bottom two of X-Factor, out of all the negativity and down times, I built them into a positive experience and built my Castle. Now I live in this incredible life and home, that is my Castle. And every princess needs a Castle after all [Laughs]

Born to Be Alive
It's such a fun track. Go out there and enjoy every moment of your life. I was reminded of that last year when my dad and my brothers went to Paris, London and New York and after such a sad time, we just went and did something together as a family. Let's go live our life.

Title track and the heart and soul of the record. It's the depth of the record. It's about my family, my mum, but not the tear jerker that everyone would of expected. It's the track my mum would of wanted to hear. She was so positive throughout the whole experience, even when the odds were against her. Instead of feeling low and sad, she actually was so positive, she wrote all the nurses thank you cards and me buy Victoria Secret gifts every time I was at the airport.

What were the highs and lows of this album?
I guess the highs have been I'm really pleased with this record. After all this time, I am at peace with it and happy to share it with the world. I've been so obsessive over this record, even down to the font used on the cover. It's my debut, so I wanted to be happy with every detail. The lows, that Adele's album is out on the same day which was a tough piece of news to swallow, however I would be just happy with a Top 10 album, but hey I even pre-ordered Adele's album [Laughs]

Normally off a back of an album release, the fans would be expecting an tour. Should we be?
I do want to tour. I first had to get the album out there and I will focus on promoting that first, then start working on ideas for a tour.

So Sammi J here are your SCP Big Questions this week...
Summer is nearly here, how do you like to spend a Summer day?
I love to go to the beach and I really like to go on picnics.

Christmas is on the way, what is on your Santa list?
Well I am going to Bali with the family, which I can not wait for, however on my list is the new iPhone as I need the bigger one. Including a new cover!

If you were a Princess or Queen in your Castle would would you change about the world?
I would make it impossible for people to write mean comments on social media. It's so bad these days.

Who do you want to win X-Factor?
I love Cyrus, however I think Matt & Jess are great. I really want to hear their album. That is why I want them to win.

Lastly, what do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for being a nice person in the world, that means more to me.

Yeah we would have to say you are already and it's a common view, you are such a nice lady. We spoke to Stan Walker the other week and he just sung your praises.
Awww, thanks guys. Stan is a legend.

Samantha Jade - thank you, as always, its been amazing. Let's finished with a message for your fans?
Thank you so much for sticking by me. This record has take so long, with many bumps in the road, I am so grateful to them and supporting me for such a long time. I love you.

Samantha Jade's album Nine is available on iTunes now..!

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