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Tuesday, 20 October 2015



Reigan Derry welcome back to SnapCacklePop, actually its just Reigan now we noticed?
People have always included my surname ever since The X-Factor and the booming voice over guy shouting "Reigan Derry", so it has kind of stuck around and been embedded in peoples mind.

So was it a conscious choice to just be Reigan, joining the likes of Cher & Madonna?
[Laughs] Of course it was! I found my first name it was unique enough, so when people search for me on iTunes, it would easily find my new music - if you add Derry onto the search you get all my old X-Factor music.

So lets talk Feels Like Heaven and how amazing it is!
Oh thank you, I'm so glad you liked it.

We absolutely love the massive chorus that just soars throughout the song!
It is such an uplifting chorus. It has a beautiful acoustic beginning, that creates a moment that I can get intimate with the song and with my guitar to tell the story, then to have this epic pop chorus was exactly the kind of radio friendly track I wanted to create.

And this track is coming from a debut album?
Yes it is. I have so many songs for this new LP, like over 100! We decided on Feel Like Heaven as the lead track as it was definitely pop and definitely radio. It is such a strong track, it really reintroduced me into the charts. The rest of the tracks for the album are a lot darker and are not as positive or empowering. I have two or three big chunky songs, then the rest of them are ballads and story telling tracks.

When you say dark? What do you mean? where have you drawn inspirations for these tracks?
Mainly about love. Whether from people around me or my own personal experiences, love is the thing that I find easy to write about.

What else can you tell us about the album?
I am so happy to be talking about my album, as I want to get it out there, so I can start touring with it. There are a series of different stories about love and hurt and those are the main themes. I really wanted to show my vulnerable side. I have recently turned 27 and feel I am growing into the womanly side to myself, my music, my emotions, my style and taking a step more towards being myself as an artist, instead of being known as the girl from X-Factor.

Do you feel you are distanced from the reality TV labelling?
Well I have a lot to be thankful to that show for launching my solo career. The X-Factor got me the record deal, gave me the opportunity and has opened so many doors, so I do not want to fully distance myself, as it has given me so exposure. That said, what is great, is being grown and developed as a artist in my own right, which is beautiful.

Over your entire career, from Australian Idol, to Scarlette Belle, to The X-Factor to now being a solo artist, do you feel this is where you feel most comfortable?
It may sound weird, however I made sure I enjoyed every second of every experience. Even from when I was singing covers, it was building my dream and doing what I love. When I was on X-Factor, I loved every second. Everything has built me into the artist I am today and I am very thankful.

Who inspires you?
I take inspiration from everywhere. I began singing in church, my mum and dad both sing, there was a piano in my house growing up, so could play when ever I wanted. That said, I never thought growing up I wanted to be a pop singer, I thought I would end up an opera singer. [Laughs] Then I have been inspired by David Giles, Florence and Lorde who have all gone out there and made themselves known for great sound, singing and songwriting. When I did Australian Idol, Lisa Mitchell was in the same series and even then she had her own unique sound, that she has stuck through all these years and is an incredibly respected artist by myself and the industry. She has such a great sense of self and has inspired me to follow who I am.

What do you think you have learnt most about yourself?
It seems to be evident, that I do not intend on stopping on anytime soon. I must have a lot of determination to continue after all these years. I am determined. [Laughs]

So before heading into the big 5 questions, what advise would you give anyone currently on X-Factor this year?
I would advise, to give it everything you have, work the hardest you can, treat your body like a temple. Treat those people who are making the series with respect as they are working with you not against you as an artist.

So here are your big 5 questions this week.

If you were Queen for the day what would you do?
I would expose all corruption in the world.

How do you like to relax?

I love outdoor picnics, hanging with friends on a beautiful day.

What is your perfect date night?

On a beautiful balmy summer night, at sunset, go somewhere private and have a picnic set up on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

What superpower would you love to have?

Teleportation would be amazing as I do so much travel, however the ability to fly would be very cool. Its been in my dream for such a long time, I feel that is what I need to do.

Three things you take to a desert island?

A very good pair of shoes, a sharp knife and finally massive supply drop thing full of food.

Reigan, thank you as always, we love you and we can't wait for your new album
Thank you guys. Mwah..!

Regian's recent single is available on iTunes now..!

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