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Friday, 18 September 2015

Kylie drops new singles at a risk..!

At the end of last week our little pop princess Kylie Minogue surprisingly dropped three, yes three, new tracks including one featuring Mr Lover Lover Shaggy, however did we need such tracks?

The Aussie princess of pop dropped a new EP with Garibay and features collaborators Sam Sparro, Giorgio Moroder and Shaggy of which she has released the new video “Black and White”

“There are certain things you will only do with or for your friends. When Katerina Jebb said she wanted to make a film of me like an old fashioned home movie in a tassel bikini, I knew we would produce something which speaks volumes of our friendship.  As best friends for over twenty five years, we have seen a lots of ups and downs.  This, however, was a moment to celebrate life and freedom and just let go.  No pressure, just love.  I admire her not only as an amazing individual, but her art and aesthetic is singular and beautiful,” said Kylie.

Well Ms Mingoue, whilst we love you and WE DO, we are not really excited about these new tracks. They are a bit "meh" to be honest. We realised you are trying to put out new music since your Rock Nation "change" however we have come to expect better. Sorry luv, we love you but the judging panel says no..!
If you want you can get tracks on iTunes.

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