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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Introducing - Jess Glynne

Can we get your attention please, as there is a new pop star on the radio. Hailing from UK, the 25 year old singer Jess Glynne first caught our attention when supplying the vocals for Clean Bandits single Rather Be.

Growing up in North London, Jess was inspired to getting into music after hearing the late Amy Winehouse not just for her music but also for similar backgrounds. However that wasn't the only reason, as Glynne notes  a "shit break-up" with an ex-girlfriend as another driver for her forthcoming debut album I Cry When I Laugh.

Already a massive voice in the UK, the album features 5 hit singles  Jess’ new single Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, Rather Be with Clean Bandit, Hold My Hand, Real Love and Not Letting Go with Tinie Tempah.

‘I wanted this record to be about hope,’ says Jess. ‘This album is about a girl who was a happy-go-lucky person, a bit of trouble, got her heart-broken and found her way through that not by being sad but by seeing hope and not letting it overtake her.’ 
Hold My Hand you will already know, a genuine sales and radio goliath... As a song, it feels as it speaks, an anthem to positivity and personal communion, written with Jess’s most consistent collaborator and musical soul sister, Janeé "Jin Jin" Bennett. 
Don’t Be So Hard is about painting a smile on while Gave Me Something is about always thinking you’ll be a certain kind of girl and then turning into something else. And then Take Me Home, the most downbeat track on the album, is about being able to revisit that sad moment. One of the albums closing tracks - Saddest Vanilla - sees Jess singing alongside multimillion selling popstar Emeli Sande, the only artist to feature on the album.

Also noted and name dropped in our interview as a collaborator on the new Little Mix album Get Weird, this young lass certainly has the pop web buzzing.

After listening to the album whilst it may have been born out of heartbreak (full review coming soon), its full of uplifting and empowering pop tracks that has put this emerging pop star firmly on our SCP Music Awards list for OMG What an amazing new artist for 2015. Don't believe us, you will, just buy the album I Cry When I Cry on iTunes now. You will not be disappointed..!

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