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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

INTERVIEW - Little Mix

After a massive year so far, the Little Mix girls are going to end on a high with the release of their third studio album Get Weird. We talk to Leigh-Ann about the new LP,  what to expect, becoming friends with Taylor Swift and sisterhood. Its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Little Mix..!

Hello Leigh-Ann how are you?
Yeah amazing thank you, we just had a week off but back at work today.

Your tour schedule is hectic!
OMG. I know [laughs] It been so amazing, it has been such a great trip. First getting over the jet lag but then spending time with family

Congrats on your 4th year anniversary - how bizarre must that feel?
It is just crazy. When I think about it I can not believe its been four years and its been such a roller coaster. We are still on the ride but its been absolutely amazing and the fourth year celebration in the US was such an emotional day.

Talking of the US, you have now taken over The Spice Girls as UK biggest export, does that phase you at all?
It's pretty strange. We just take it day by day and know we have a long way to go still, so we are not getting ahead of ourselves. We will continue to work hard to get to where we want to be. We absolutely adore The Spice Girls and they absolutely smashed it, so to have any little bit of their success we would be happy.

What have you learnt most about yourself as a group and yourself over that time?
When I first started, I was incredibly, incredibly shy. On the show I do not think I came out my shell, even with the girls, however now I'm like a completely different person. We all are. Its like we have come out of our shells by having this amazing opportunity. I'm so much more confident on stage, with people and I believe its because we bring the best out of each other.

That comes across as a group, as you seem like 4 very close sisters...
We are so close, its great having this time off, however yesterday I messaged the girls saying "I miss you, I can't wait to see you" - its been a week [laughs] I do not think that Little Mix would work if we were not such a tight unit. We are extremely lucky we have the bond that we have.

Congrats on the Teen Choice awards, how did that feel to receive that recognition in the US?
It was funny as at Teen Choice we were so scared, literally so nerve wracking, I am never normally like that before a show. Then when it all went well, everything went to plan with Black Magic, we were so happy when we watched it back.

Can we talk Taylor Swift and OMG, how amazing is that?
We just couldn't believe it. When we got asked we had to ask "Really? You want us?" as we just didn't think it would ever happen. So amazing. Taylor is so lovely.

Its nice to be in the Taylor Swift gang then?
She is so cute and such a nice girl. We were honoured to be asked. We then got to ride back with her in her jet to the UK, catch up with her and get to know her. It was so nice.

So lets talk music and new single Hair - being labelled the ultimate break up anthem - where did you draw inspiration for this song?
I love that song, its so much fun. We are so happy it is getting a great response. And for it to be called a break up anthem is just amazing. [Laughs]

We can picture the video already with a lot of hair flicks?
[Laughs] Yes we love a bit of a hair flick! I'm just excited to see what we do with the routine. It's going to be great.

Is this the kind of sound we should expect from your new album?
Yeah definitely! The album is going to be more pop. Its so personality driven, if you look at Black Magic track and video and new single Hair. It's all abut getting our personalities across, we don't take ourselves too seriously and just want to have fun. We want to share that infectious happiness.

New album is call Get Weird which have been described as "a celebration of being unique and not holding back” - why is this an important message for Little Mix?
Because that who we are! We are all absolute bonkers and that what life is all about. Not taking yourself too seriously and worrying what people think about you. Just be yourself, have fun and enjoy life.

And you have been more involved in the writing process...
We always been involved in the writing process, thats what we love and being involved in everything. Anything from writing, styling, videos and more. If it doesn't come from us, it isn't Little Mix. That's not to say if a great song comes along we do not consider it. Black Magic was not written by us, it was the first single we had not written on, so was a bit weird for us, but its such a great song and kudos to the writers, we couldn't say no to it.

And there are a few collaborations listed on the album, care to tell us more about Jessie J and Jess Glynne?
We had such fun on the Jessie J track, which we absolutely adore. Its a song for  our fans and really uplifting. Also with Jess Glynne, who is so talented and nice, then potentially another collaboration in the works however I can't tell you about that just yet.

Such a tease!

DNA was one of our all time fav singles, so please tell us more about the track called Lightning? 
How do you know that? [Laughs] 

We know everything!
So Lightning is like the sister track to DNA. DNA had many different sections to it, it sounds a bit different, being dramatic and with the choir at the end. Lightning is that times 10!! [Laughs]

Well we miss you here - when will we see you again in Australia?
We miss you guys too. Hopefully soon. I know soon is just one of those words with not much backing behind it however we really want to tour in Australia.

Yes, how are preparations for the tour coming along?
So its going to be next year starting in March 2016. Discussions are at the early stage at the moment, but we are starting to come up with idea. We absolutely loved the Salute tour so we have to top that now. Its going to be bigger and better than ever!

SnapCacklePop Top 5 questions....
When was the last time you Got Weird? I.e not holding back
Everyday [Laugh] Actually when we were in the US in LA being followed by paps, I started to do high kicks and twirls to give them something funny to take a picture of!

You are all very stylish ladies, what are your favourite looks / accessories?
I love fashion. Anything really. You have to experiment and know what suits you. I love good designer shoe. Always splash out on accessories.

What has been your most memorable moment in your 4 years being together?
There have been so many however standing at the O2 in London and having all our UK mixers there with us and singing our songs back to us was pretty memorable.

The VMAs last week, what was you fav part?
I really loved Nicki Minaj's performance, especially with Taylor Swift joining her on stage.

If you could use your Black Magic to solve one of the worlds problems what would it be and why?
Oh great question. There are loads of things I would like to do, however my main concern at the moment is ill treatment of animals. I'm a HUGE animal lover and it really upset me around Cecil the Lion and other hunting and poaching of animals, so I would use my magic for that.

Leigh-Ann for Queen! Leigh-Ann for Queen!

So to wrap up after a hectic tour schedule, how do you kick back and relax?
I like to chill out, see friends and family and be in my own place to unwind. Its been so important to take a step back and reflect.

Any final words for your Australian fans?
We absolutely love you, we miss you so much. Thank you for supporting Black Magic, it was amazing to see it shoot up the charts and we didn't even come and see you. So thank you Aussie Mixers..!

New single Hair is available on iTunes now and you can pre-order Get Weird

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