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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Taking to the stage tonight to find out if they have won the MTV Brand New competition, we catch up with new boy band on the block At Sunset to talk all things music, being mentored by Ed Sheeran and being king for the day..!

At Sunset welcome to SnapCacklePop, what an exciting experience for you, how you feeling?
The biggest thing about MTV Brand New is to meet everyone involved and to have this opportunity is just amazing.

Who are your musical influencing?
Blink 182, Busted, Jonas Brothers, McFly

Do you mean now McBusted?
We loved them both as individual bands and what they are doing now is great, its insane. We'd love to collaborate with them. We'd love to collaborate with any of them, however if we had chance to work on material with just one artist it would have to be JT in a writing session then it would be awesome.

Tell us about your recent single?
Well that is called Every Little Thing. It was written in LA with Hot Chelle Rae and we had six hours to get together create this single. As soon as we started writing it, we knew it was a great new strong track.

What have you done to prepare yourself for this MTV opportunity?
We know that it would take hard work to get here, so we have been rehearsing every day for like the last year, till we got bored with each other [Laughs] Seriously, we worked on our harmonies and acoustic performances, to make sure we know each other musically, that we can work well together. We want to be strong together when we are out there playing our music for our fans.

What do you want your fans to take from your music?
The biggest thing we wanted to get across is our music is real and its real emotion. It three guys who have put their hearts on their sleeve and into their music.

What have you learnt about yourself? What are the highs and lows?
Andrew and I are brothers and have been friends with Tom for ages now, so we have become so solid as a group, we work really well. One of the highs was getting mentored by Ed Sheeran, after winning the Nova competition, that was amazing. He said to us "No matter who big you become, you are an individual, don't forget that"

So what is next for At Sunset?
We are definitely touring, hopefully winning this MTV opportunity, releasing new music and getting an EP out. There is only a taste of At Sunset out there so far, we have amazing fans that we want to provide them with more music.

Any crazy fans?
We had a fan call a radio station when we were in the states, who said she wasn't massive stalker fan, however went on to say she had a picture of us in her shower. That was pretty weird [Laughs] And the only thing we wanted to know was it laminated [Laughs]

To end our interviews we always do our SCP Big 5 questions, here we go...

Favourite superhero and why?
Captain America as he was the first, Superman as he can do anything and Woman Woman as she is hot!

If you were an animal what would you be an why?
We'd be Meerkat's as they are so cute.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?
Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, its just genius. It puts you in a happy mood.
Oh and also Justin Timberlake, Señorita as it such a good vibe and finally Robbie Williams, Angel.

What three things would take to a desert island?
We would take a generator, a hair straightener and a guess these two, which will count as my band.

If you king for the day what would you change?
On day to day basis, we would put a law you have to get free soft drink refills in all bars. [Laugh] or make us win this competition.

Thank you boys, its been so much fun and good luck with the competition.
We love you SnapCacklePop

Good Luck tonight boys, you have our vote. You can get a copy of At Sunset's latest single on iTunes now..!

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