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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Battle Of The Reality Singing Competitions - The X Factor Vs The Voice.. who will win..?

It’s a question heard often when discussing the reality TV juggernaut talent competitions like The X-Factor and The Voice – which one creates the most successful artists? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves at SCP HQ, so we decided to do some research, gossip about it and come up with clever formula to answer this topical question. **insert smugness here**

How have we done this? Well, we’ve gone through each and every artist who has EVER appeared on these shows and counted how many singles they’ve had chart and how many years they have been active on the Top 50 ARIA charts.

BTW: We’ve also discounted any ‘cover’ singles from the show, or artists from bands who’ve gone solo (sorry Sophie Monk – we did love Calender Girl!). 

For our scoring we’ve used a relatively simple formula in our calculations – this formula accounts for chart success, artist longevity and also averages out for the number of years the show is on air. Make sense? No, ok here is a breakdown...
  • 10 points go to a show for each of their artists that have a Top 10 single(s)
  • 50 points go to a show for each year one of their artists have a Top 50 single
  • The tally of their points is divided by the number of years the show is on air to make for a fairer comparison
See simple as that right? Ready for the results?

The winner is…

1st – Australian Idol – 531 Points

2nd – The X-Factor – 260 Points

3rd – Popstars/Popstars Live – 90 Points

4th – The Voice – 86 Points

5th – Australia’s Got Talent – 55 Points

As you can see, a clear win for Australian Idol – they’ve had many great artists through the show, many of which are still chugging along today. 

In the battle between the current reality singing shows The Voice and The X-Factor, it’s a clear win for The X-Factor – something we long suspected but it’s nice to have the figures back us up..!

So who’ve been the most successful artists from the shows over the years?

1st – Guy Sebastian – 720 points

2nd – Ricki-Lee Coulter – 500 Points

3rd – Jessica Mauboy – 480 Points

4th – Shannon Noll – 380 Points

5th – Justice Crew – 290 Points

The most successful from each show have been:

Australian IdolGuy Sebastian – 720 Points

The X-Factor - Samantha Jade – 220 Points

Popstars/Popstars LiveBardot – 180 Points

The VoiceKarise Eden – 110 Points

Australia’s Got Talent Justice Crew – 290 Points

So what’s next for these reality singing shows? 

We’re currently watching The Voice but to be honest we’re a little underwhelmed by the talent in the show this year. There are three standouts still in the competition – Naomi Price, Caleb Jago-Ward and Joe Moore. Naomi and Caleb however have a background in musical theatre and it really comes across when they sing – they sound amazing but we don’t think they would translate well into a ‘pop’ career on the charts. 

That leaves Joe Moore. We’ve watched this talented Pom for years busking on Pitt Street Mall and we’ve always been very impressed. He’s always surrounded by a crowd of people appreciating his talents - his amazing voice filling the city centre. He’s our pick to take out The Voice for this year and that will finally hand The Maddens a win!

Anja Nissen made an appearance the other Sunday and we were actually impressed with her new single Triumph. It was a great sounding catchy song that made use of her vocals really well. It’s the best song we’ve ever heard from any of The Voice alumni so maybe there’s hope for The Voice contestants yet! We hope Triumph goes well for Anja Nissen – have a listen below and pick it up on iTunes now.

And what of The X-Factor

Well the show hasn’t started airing yet and we’re unsure how newcomers Chris Isaak and James Blunt will go with returning judge Guy Sebastian and The X-Factor stalwart Dannii Minogue. We’re kind of hoping James Blunt’s Twitter zingers translate through the small screen though! The promotions for the show seem promising so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but if history accounts for anything, we should be seeing this years The X-Factor contestants trounce their The Voice counterparts yet again..!

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