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Monday, 17 August 2015

Robyn is back at her best with new EP..!

Robyn is back with a new EP and its pretty good. Whilst we loved her certain tracks of her multi-part Body Talk LPs, we were not completely sold, sorry luv.  Her new EP Love Is Free, as part of La Bagatelle Magique and with the late producer Christian Falk, has the dynamic singer back at leading edge electronic pop status.

The mini album is very different from her previous EP Do It Again with Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp, actually it’s a complete opposite. Now don’t get us wrong, it still electronic pop, however Robyn is experimenting with new sounds and beats, similar to what we saw on her 2005 self titled LP that gained her mass appeal.

It’s no surprise really, as Robyn has always been independent and unique, making her an international star with a mass of hits and adoration from both fans and critics. Releasing her own music on her own label has given her the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants and it works. And whilst Love Is Free will not slay the charts, it doesn’t matter, as it’s the quality, the independence and the voice Robyn brings to her music that will continue to allow her to quite brilliantly and uniquely, dance on her own and that’s what’s makes her cool..!

Get your copy of the new EP on iTunes now..!

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