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Friday, 31 July 2015

We Crave anything new from Parachute..!

Ah Parachute. Can you do no wrong? In the SCP office we have a very special place for Parachute in our hearts. For one SCP staffer, Parachute is actually his favourite band. Every album is amazing and their singles like Kiss Me Slowly and What I Know are up the top of our all-time best tracks list. Active on social media with brilliant cover songs, we’ve not seen new original tracks from Parachute since 2013’s Can’t Help so we were very excited to see their new single Crave and were hoping that their amazing run of brilliant single would continue – and it does!!!

Crave is arguably their most upbeat song to date with the fast beat and quickly sung vocals creating a quite unique sound and the use of the brass band is a stroke of genius. Now a three piece band and hailing from Virginia, we’re yet to see Parachute live here in Australia, but from what we’ve seen on YouTube and with the strength of their music we’re sure their show would be amazing! Please come here boys!!

Parachute really should be one of the biggest bands in the world – they’ve already been recognised by some of the world’s biggest artists like Kelly Clarkson, The Script, Michelle Branch, The Goo Goo Dolls and Andy Grammer as supporting artists on their tours. They’ve even shared a stage with Taylor Swift but the world is really yet to recognise their amazingness. Crave will hopefully get them one step closer to world domination!! Check out the amazing Parachute track, Crave here now..!

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