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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sandra Lyng brings the sax back in Play My Drum..!

In our search for the latest and greatest music to bring you we at SCP spend a lot of time perusing the music charts around the world. One of the first stops in our search is the music charts of Sweden. If Sweden doesn't do it for us (It normally does) we check out the neighbours - and this time it paid off! Rocketing up the Norwegian charts is the latest blonde babe from Norway, Sandra Lyng! Sandra's song Play My Drum gives you all the basics of a great pop track, slow build, gentle vocals, great bridge then a ripper chorus... but then... WOW! 

Something we've not heard in ages has been brought back and it's awesome!! Sandra Lyng has brought back the Saxophone solo and boy does it work! The sax is a brilliant addition to Play My Drum and brings back 70's and 80's memories but in a thoroughly modern package. This re-interpretation is a stroke of genius and just makes you wanna listen to Play My Drum again! With the typical blonde babe frolicking on a beach video clip, you'll absolutely love Sandra Lyng and Play My Drum..!

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