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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Does Samantha Jade go a step to far to Shake That with Pitbull..!

The Aussie pop star has been teasing us for weeks over her new single with the US mega "featuring" artist Pitbull and Samantha Jade has finally dropped the video for Shake That.

Produced by Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Antonio Dixon & The Rascals, Shake That is a song all about female empowerment and bringing back some girl power! The track certainly catchy with his upbeat hand clapping beats, with Sammy J demanding that a man needs to step up for a woman's affection. Its not just a matter of quick bit of loving to win Sammy's heart.

However we have to ask, whilst we are loving the new track, is the video a bit contradictory to the message of the single? SJ looks stunning as always however see's the Sweet Talk singer sexily dancing around the lavish Sydney mansion being a girly girl in some very sexy outfits and moves. However the singer says differently...

"The Shake That lyrics say is that doesn’t mean it is an invitation to a man, that they can have what they want. It’s about calling them out for thinking"

Got you Sammy, you little tease you. But while we talk about you being a tease, lets talk new album Angel please. When can we expect this? We know Shake That is the second single of the forthcoming album following your last Sweet Talk, however what about FirestarterSoldier and Up?? Will these feature on your new album. We are hungry for details SJ, don't keep us waiting..!

Watch the new video for Shake That below and get your copy of the single on iTunes now..!

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