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Monday, 22 June 2015

New Single Alert - Samantha Jade - Shake That feat Pitbull

Samantha Jade is back and ready to Shake That with US giant rapper Pitbull...  

Recorded and mixed in Los Angeles, Shake That certainly will have you wanting to get up and dance. Recounting the first time she heard the track, Sammi says, “I heard it at the studio while we were writing something else and I was like ‘We need to pause on this song and I need to record this right now!’ It just had this great feel and message so we got straight to it and now it's my single!”

Produced by Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Antonio Dixon & The Rascals, ‘Shake That’ featuring Pitbull is a song all about female empowerment and bringing back some girl power! 

“I love the message behind it,” explains Sammi. “I’m all about empowering women and this song sums it up in such a feel good way - the first time I heard it I knew it was special!”

“This song is about female assertiveness - it's about having that self confidence and respecting yourself,” Sammi further elaborates on the theme of the track. “The guy in the story is just thinking he can have what he wants when he wants it, but the lyrics are saying’ if you just want one hit, I guarantee you'll miss... Because my heart and this they go together’ – essentially, you have to love my heart before you get anything else!”
After grabbing a listen to the new single, its upbeat, beat-a-licious and is certainly going to cause an positive impact on the charts. Welcome back Sammy J we've missed you.
Grab a listen to the preview below and get your copy on iTunes pre-order now..!

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