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Thursday, 11 June 2015

FAN Interview - DAMI IM

So we handed over our interview to YOU, the Dami Army fans and you got to ask the questions to Australia pop singer. It was all about you and all about Dami, as the singer opens up about her new single, being a pop star, her downtime, inspiration and her favourite ice cream, it's the SnapCacklePop Interview with Dami Im...

Do you want to act in movies?
Yes If I get a chance- at the moment I am really enjoying concentrating on my singing.

 If you could only listen to 3 songs in your entire life, what would they be?
 Call Me When You Get This by Corinne Bailey Rae
 Love On Top by Beyonce
Smile – Dami I’m ha ha ha

Who is your biggest inspiration in music?
Mariah Carey

You have a powerful voice & you can sing many types of songs. Just wonder if you have done any singing classes before your Xfactor audition?
I have masters in singing so you could definitely say that I had some tuition which really helped but I taught myself by recording myself and listening back and practicing like crazy!

You are considered as a great role model for young people. What is your best advice to them?
Be nice to other people, treat others and you would like them to treat you.

What's your favourite downtime activity?
Shopping, watching movies, reading biographies

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Salted caramel and chocolate together

Many of your fans would love to have Korean BBQ with you some day! Would you ever take your fans out for dinner? (hahaha) Sure why not, I love my fans and I love Korean BBQ.

Dami, we know that you're really into fashion and love attending runway shows. Do you see yourself creating your own clothing line one day? 
Never say never. I love looking at clothes and I love creating stuff.

About being a pop star...
Dami how does the dream in the beginning match up with today’s reality?
I get to do what I always dreamed of doing. It’s sometimes more exhausting than I imagined and I have to be switched on all the time but I love every minute of it.

What have you learnt most about yourself?
I have learnt that I need to make time to be by myself and also my family.

Questions about Dami’s new single...
What is your inspiration for Smile? 
People have always told me that my music makes them feel happy so I wanted to write a song that makes everyone smiles.

What makes you SMILE?
Puppies, food, good music, close friends and Noah.

Is your upcoming album going to be full of songs like SMILE or will there be a mix?
You’ll have to wait and see!

From all songs that have been released since you won X-Factor such as Alive, Super Love, Gladiator, songs from Heart Beat album to Smile, which song is your most favourite and why do you like it?
It’s hard to choose just one because I love them all but at the moment I am loving the new song Smile because it makes people smile!

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