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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Three judges quit and new panel confirmed for X-Factor Australia..!

We thought it was the dream judging panel, however the X-Factor Australia line-up is now heading for a total make over, with three of the judges not confirmed for the shows return…

All over the last week, Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and now Redfoo have confirmed they will not be returning to the show for the next season. For Keating and Redfoo they are taking the year to work on their own music and Bassingthwaighte is taking a break to focus on other projects but she will still continue on New Zealand version of the show.

That leaves only Dannii Minogue on the panel line up, however it has been confirmed Guy Sebastian will return to the show after a two year hiatus and will be joined by James Blunt and Chris Isaak.

Speaking of their appointment to the show Blunt said 'It's the most fun job I can imagine, in the best country in the world,' with Isaak saying 'I'm excited to join THE X FACTOR, it is going to be surreal to be on the show as a judge after having watched so many episodes as a fan.” continuing saying “I know it's a show with a history of articulate intelligent judges, and I know they wanted to change that up so they called me. I have watched the show at home and rooted for my favourites, now I will be doing pretty much the same thing...only I will comb my hair and put on a clean shirt. I'm ready”

It will certainly be a interesting show but will it be as good as the last few years???

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