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Monday, 11 May 2015

INTERVIEW - Ian Thomas

Rising pop star Ian Thomas is ready to set the world alight with his new music and European charm. On his recent visit to Australia, we caught up with the singer to talk all things music, being discovered, how he keeps his feet on the ground and his fans...

Some may say Ian Thomas has achieved more than some artists achieve in their full career. With three albums and five No.1 in his home country Belgium, he has certainly had some great success, however he’s ready to take on the world with his debut global single Cheers featuring Tyga. With a U.S and Australian single release under way to rave reviews, Ian is on a global promo tour, which includes being filmed for his own reality TV show that is following his rise to global stardom and we got to be part of it. It’s the SnapCacklePop Interview with Ian Thomas…

Ian Thomas, welcome to SCP is this your first time in Australia?
Yes its my first time here and I love it. The people have a great vibe about them. I’ve been down to Bondi Beach today, I’ve always wanted to see the big pool there (Iceburgs) and everyone has been so nice to me. I’ve been to a lot of places and it just feels right somehow.
So you have been around for a while, being discovered in 2011, how was that?
It was crazy. It was never my intention when I set out for all this to happen, however it has and I am very grateful. It was never my plan to get to this point I’m in now at the age of 18 years old, I just wanted to release some music that I love.  If you had told me 4 years ago, this is where I would be, I would have said you were crazy.

You’ve had some great success already and you are only 18. With three albums and five No.1 singles, that is bigger success than some artist have in their whole career - how you feeling your rapid rise to fame?
Whilst I am grateful for all my success, I feel all that has been the warm-up somehow to where I am today. I feel right now with Cheers, we are playing against the big guys in pop. This single will be the first big worldwide release into the pop charts as my official debut.

And you are going global?
Yep, I’m up for world domination [laughs]

How you feeling with moving from a big star in your own country to a new star on a global stage?
It’s going to be very different. It is going to take longer and I’m ready to work hard to show the world my music.

Well you have released your new single Cheers – tell us about it?
Well it’s a upbeat track that I worked with Tyga on ,who uplifted the track to a whole new level. He’s a very down to earth guy.

Why was this single your debut?
I feel like this track has a very catchy chorus and great entry to break the ice on the charts. But don’t worry we have loads of great banging tracks to come too!

You’ve worked alongside Lance Bass, Snoop Dogg and even One Direction, what have you learned from them?
Overall their advice was to stay whom I am and work hard, those are the two that always get pointed out. They sound really cheesy but it’s the truth and the focus I have to keep.

Who were your musical influences?
I remember when I was 8 years old I watched the DVD of Queen on tour. It was the first time I really took note of a performer like Freddie Mercury and thought I could do something like that. I watched it like a 1000 times.  Oh and Justin Timberlake of course!

And you are also an ambassador against cyber bullying, why have you aligned to this great campaign?

Well I have been bullied myself, so I know how it feels to go through that and I want to ensure no one else needs to go through that too. I feel very fortunate to be in my position and be the face of such a campaign, to raise awareness and support to those who could be struggling and that it does get better, like it has for me. Hopefully by sharing my story, it will be inspirational to others. It comes from my heart.

What is on for the rest of the year?
Promoting this new single, getting the message out there and hopefully coming back to Australia for a promotional tour.

To wrap up here our interview here are your Top 5 SnapCacklePop random questions this week…

How fun was it making the video for Cheers? It looked like you had fun!
OMG, it was such a great video and experience. I had some much fun. I got all my friends and people I knew to come along and throw a house party, throw each other in the pool and have so much fun. It was such a relaxing experience as I knew everyone, which I think comes across in the video.

Who do you have a celebrity crush on?

Jennifer Lawrence

Who would you love to do a duet with?
Justin Timberlake

The Avengers is out, which superhero would you be and why?
I would be Iron Man just for the suit. Or even Captain America due to his muscles, as the ladies love that [Laughs] Perhaps Captain America in the Iron Man suit!!! [Laughs]

How does Ian Thomas kick back and relax?
I play this game called Clash of Clans. Watch Russell Brand on YouTube, I will go to the gym or Face time with friends back home. I do this for hours and hours. I love face time!

Lastly, why are you fans so great?

They feel like my extended family. They have my back and I have theirs. We have this strange connection, which is great. I cannot explain it. They support me through everything.

Ian Thomas' new single Cheers featuring Tyga is available on iTunes now..!

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