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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Video Alert - Redfoo - Juicy Wiggle

Redfoo has once again upheld his belief in releasing music in a both creative and innovative manner by teaming up with SnapChat for the debut of his new video Juicy Wiggle...

Through this liaison, Redfoo has reached both new and old fans globally and has engaged with a young and diverse audience across the world. 
Juicy Wiggle was the first of five stories on the Fusion Snapchat portal when released last week, and now fans can view the video on Redfoo's official YouTube channel.

In addition, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Pete Carroll (head coach and Executive VP of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks) have sent out tweets with Carroll tweeting: "Entering into March Madness everyone should be doing the Juicy Wiggle."

Juicy Wiggle video was directed by The Squared Division, our very own Australian creative duo comprised of Ashley Evans and Antony Ginandjar and was shot in Los Angeles. As soon as you hear the track, it transports you back to the 50s and 60s, and even a Bob Fosse style of choreography. The dance craze of the Juicy Wiggle originated in Melbourne, Australia, but Redfoo's video pays homage to classic U.S. television shows such as American Bandstand and Shindig with a wild "Go-Go" style of dancing with a modern "Redfoo" infused twist.
Get ready for the summer's hottest dance craze to begin! YEAH BABY!!!!!

Grab your copy of the new single on iTunes now..!

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