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Thursday, 2 April 2015

INTERVIEW - Justice Crew

These boys have achieved great chart success of the last 12 months, so we chat to them about their new single, their fans, working on new video, annoying habits and what they wear to bed. Its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Justice Crew...

JC guys welcome back to SnapCacklePop- how have you been? 
We have been very busy with our new video and single I Love My Life which will be up on Vevo today

It's been a while since you have release music from your album - what have you been up to?
We have been travelling a lot and recording - it never really stops whilst performing around Australia, we are always recording and keeping fit by working out on a daily basis

So you are back with I Love My Life tell us about it?
I Love My Life is an up tempo style party song which is guaranteed to get you up and dancing. It’s great to be able to perform such a high energy song since our last few songs were quite slow. 

Why did you release this single above some of the others on the album? 
We all really felt that this song was too awesome just to keep on the album so we had to release it as a single.

What do you want your fans to take from your new single? 
We just want our fans to have fun and dance/party like we want you to, like we do every day.

What should we expect from the video? 
Our new music video is a one take shot with no cuts or cheats. If you stuff up we start again. It was soo much fun on the day.

We hear the dance moves are back - what can you tell us?  
Yes they are back. This song is made for partying and dancing so it comes naturally once you hear the song. It was a bit hard dancing to a slow tempo whilst singing about something with more meaning for example our track Que Sera.

How was it working with Royal Stampede, Brittany and Beau? 
It was great fun, Brittany is such a bubbly fun person and the Royal Stampede boys are awesome. Beau Ryan is always great to have around for a laugh. 
Big thanks to these guys for making an appearance and making I Love My Life fun and vibrant.

Do you play pranks on other members of the band? If yes what? 
No not really, we all just love to have a laugh with each other.

You've been in the charts for many years now, what do you feel you have learnt most about yourselves and as a band? 
We have learnt a lot over the years about the music industry. We have learnt that building relationships is important and sticking together as a group no matter what happens. 

How do you challenge yourself as a band? How do you keep motivated? 
We try to keep inspired by keeping in the loop and knowing what music is really making an impact and always trying to keep our shows really exciting and interactive.

What's one misconception you feel people have of you as a band? 
We come across as good young boys that are clean and well behaved when we are actually pretty bad ass behind closed doors haha (joking). We are very hard workers and quick learners, people may view us as a prissy boy band when we are down to earth and very humble guys, that make the most of every opportunity that comes our way whether it’s out of our comfort zone.

What legacy do you want to leave with you fans and as a band on the music industry?
That you can make dreams come true with hard work. We want to show people that the impossible can soon become possible with dedication and motivation and if you surround yourself with positive people you can make anything happen. We went from busking to winning a TV show to recording artists to record breakers with Que Sera.

So 2015 has been quiet for you so far, what can we expect next from JC lads?
We have this new hit song hitting the radio and the new music video, the rest we can not tell you right now

So here are your SCP Big 5 questions this week...

What's your perfect date?
Rock climbing and milkshakes for Samson

What are the annoying habits of other band members?
Paulie farts and sleeps in [Laughs]

Who would win out of you all of you in an arm wrestle?
Has to be Samson

Who would you love to collaborate with as a band?
Skrillex, Ed sheeran, Beyonce and Jessica Mauboy

What do each of Justice Crew wear to bed?
Usually just underwear or boxes, and some boys prefer just to wear their eye mask

Thank you boys. Check out Justice Crew new video below which is on their album  available on iTunes now..!

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