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Thursday, 5 March 2015

INTERVIEW - Fifth Harmony

When recently in Australia on a promotional tour of their new album, SCP caught up with the Fifth Harmony to chat about their rise to fame, new album and pop crushes...

We knew we would love these girls from the moment we met them, however it was cuteness maximised when we did. They are funny, thoughtful, gorgeous girls that have such a passion for diversity of music especially pop. We chat to Camila and Dinah about life since X-Factor, passion for pop, lessons learnt , their dedicated fans, Ryan Gosling and soon much more, its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Fifth Harmony..!

Fifth Harmony welcome to SnapCacklePop
OMG That is such a great name

We are all about pop!
So are we!

Why are you so passionate about pop music?
Camila: My favourite genre of music has always been pop and will continue to be pop, anything top 40, always. I just think that, there is nothing greater than a song that is cleanly structured,  the melodies are on point, the lyrics are direct and a pop song is so well built. It says exactly what it needs to say.

Is this your first time in Australia?
Dinah: Yes, first time! Eeek! I used to preach about this place about having to come here, even from when I came out of the womb I was like "I am going to Australia" [Laughs] It's literally a dream that we are actually out here and its ALL due to our fans! 

Why so?
Dinah: They did a twitter campaign to get us out here, which means so much to us as a band.

How have you found meeting your Australian fans?
Camila: They are so sweet and they are so polite. It was funny to see when we were back in the States, only chatting by their twitter names and since being here, we have met them all and we are like "You are one of the Fifth Harmony Australian fans". They have waited two years for us to come and see them, so its great we finally have.

Dinah: It was weird as during X-Factor a lot of our fan base were actually from Australia and to meet them all now is such a dream.

Well we are massive lovers of pop here in Australia, especially international pop, so having you here is such a treat for us.
Dinah - No, the pleasure is all ours, thanks to our fans.

So you are here to promote your new album Reflections - are you still pinching yourself that you now have a record out?
Dinah - We are just relieved that the weight is finally off our shoulders and we can finally share our music with our fans. Our fans have been waiting for many years for this moment and its crazy how they have been so patient, which we are so thankful to them.

Camila: We have been working on this record for about a year and living with all these secrets for so long, its great to finally get the tracks out there.

What were the highs and lows of making the album?
Camila: The high was we believe we (as a band) got across the concepts we wanted to express and I feel people have got a good sense of who we are from this album. I think a lot of the woman empowerment we wanted to convey, the girl power stuff was really heavily incorporated and people now know us as this this girl group that is really supportive of encouraging the voice of other girls.

Dinah: The low would have to be going through the process of making the album as we recorded so many songs. We all have different opinions too, there are 5 girls and we all like different genres from pop to R&B, so that was the hardest thing was what tracks to select.

It's such a diverse album...
Dinah: I know right, there is a little reggae here, some R&B, pure pop...

Like Sledgehammer?
Dinah: It's weird as we didn't want that to be a single, but then when we started performing it and the reaction we got from our fans, we knew it was a great song that had to be released. We have that song on repeat now!

It's constantly on repeat at SCP HQ...
Dinah: That awesome!
Camila: Its like chocolate for someone who is a massive lover of pop.

What are your favourite tracks?
Camila: I really love Sledgehammer, I really like This Is How We Roll and I also really like Going Nowhere.

Different variety there.
Camila: In This Is How We Roll, I love when the beat drops and the tone is just set for me. It captures hanging out with friends and that moment of happiness. I love the melodies and how we get to sing on that song, like Mariah!

Dinah: Mine would have to be Reflection, Going Nowhere and Suga Muma.

I am sure if we asked each of you in the band, we would get a different answer, which truly supports how diverse the album is!
Camila: That is why the album is so cool as we have such different music tastes, its so reflective of that.

Hence the name Reflections?
Both - Yes [Laughs]

So you came from reality TV show X-Factor, would you ever do it again?
Camila: I would go back to it. I'm the kind of person who feeds off that adrenaline and the highs and lows that you get to experience on the show. It's like a sick thing, that I enjoy [Laughs]. Every week was a new adventure.

Dinah: OMG it was so scary. I literally pooped my pants every day! [Laughs]

Through this journey up to releasing an album, what do you think you have learnt most about yourself?
Camila: Thats a really good question [Laughs] Seriously, I think I have learnt to really love myself. I think growing up I had low self esteem. I didn't have a lot of friends at school growing up and felt I was very ordinary.  I think through this experience I have managed to grow and learn a lot about myself and develop a thicker layer of skin.

Dinah: I used to be a very shy girl and would of let Camila speak most of the time, however through this experience I have gain confidence to speak for myself.

You certainly have changed, you can't stop talking now [Laughs]
Dinah: [Laughs] When I clicked with these girls they cracked my shell and that literally help me grow as a person.

So growing up, you would of listened to lots of music, who were your influences?
Camila: I love pop and different singer/songwriters. Love Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran is so unique and he is making music that he loves. And Lorde.

Dinah: I grew up with a lot of R&B and Reggae, so Lauren Hill and that soul that she has, I grew up listening to Etta James and I LOVE Sam Smith.

I know, how ridiculous amazing is he?
Dinah: He could sing to me FOREVER!!! [Laughs]. Love Beyonce, but who doesn't and Rihanna is my girl. I love her new stuff. 

What is planned for the rest of the year?
Dinah: Well definitely coming back to Australia.

Do a little tour?
Dinah: OMG yes, definitely a tour we hope.

Camila:We are going on tour in America when we get home.

Are you ready for that?
Dinah: No yet, we have just a few days to rehearse
Camila: Here's hoping, fingers crossed [Laughs]

You'll be fine. So we are coming up to then end of our interview so its time for the SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions...

Who do you have a celebrity crush on?
Camila: Ryan Gosling
Dinah: Since we are in Australia, I am digging the rugby players here!

If you were on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
Camila: Ryan Gosling [Laughs], lots of bread to fill myself up and my iPod.
Dinah: My speaker and iPod, thats one! [Laughs], a friend and a surf board.

If you had a super power what would it be and why?
Dinah: For me it would be to heal the sick

Camila and SCP: Awwwww...

Dinah: After visiting children hospitals back home and seeing kids that are that sick, it really affects me and I would love to help them.

Camila: I'd second that statement and I'd secondly if I clicked my fingers I would get a Ketchup bottle, just for the french fries when you need them.

What animal best describes you?
Camila: Koala 
Dinah: Kangeroo Jack 

Finally ideal night out with the girls?
Camila: Its actually really fun when we go out. We went to the Grammy's party and forgot we were in a band and just friends getting ready to go out.

Cute!! Thank you so much Fifth Harmony, we love you even more now and we wish you so much success.

Both: Thank you SNAP CACKLE POP!!!

Fifth Harmony's album Reflections is available on iTunes now..!

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