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Sunday, 8 March 2015


He's brought his unique Dirty Pop sound to Australia for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, so we caught up with DJ Drew G to talk about his passion for music, shirtless selfies, a special musical memory with his father, Madonna, a new single and Dirty Pop 41...

Welcome to SnapCacklePop and Australia - first time here?
No I am back for my fourth time. I love Australia and I'm having a blast!

How was the pool party last week?
It was blast of course!

For a man who say he doesn't like to take his shirt off, there are many impressive pictures on Facebook...

[Laughs] We tried to be very G Rated for a while however Mardi Gras is a great time to take your shirt off! I spend a lot of time at the gym, so I might as well show of my work.

It's a great selling point.
People seem to like it [Laughs]

How excited are you to be here for Mardi Gras?
Beyond excited, its one of my favourite events to play every year.

Do you have an outfit?
We do, we have some amazing Team8 shorts. We love the guys at Team8.

So onto pop music and the release of Dirty pop 40. Can you believe you have released 40?
It's pretty insane and its not stopping anytime soon.

Why did you get into creating this unique brand of Dirty Pop?
It was something that I was just playing around with and I wanted to be different from what the other gay DJs were doing. I started playing with the whole "mash up" thing at the beginning and then it just took off. I never expected it to go where it did.

For Dirty Pop 40, you've mixed in some older pop hits with more current hits like from Madonna, how do you go about selecting the tracks or is it just personal preference?
There is a lot of tracks that I just love. I have some great new tracks that are not on Dirty Pop 40 that people will get to hear especially at my gigs here in Sydney, that will make it onto Dirty Pop 41 which comes out next week.

More old pop?
Yeah, my fiancé likes to bring up random classic pop tracks that just work well.

Why do you love pop so much or is it more EDM that excites you?
Its both. I love pop vocals. As a kid I loved listening to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston records. I still have those 45's

Do you miss the days of playing vinyl?
I do. Vinyl is fun and its sad it is not as popular now, however technology is amazing and you can do so much more these days. You have to embrace technology, you can edit, sample, move things around and make remixes on the fly.

Who influenced you to love music ? 
My father got a job working at the Garden City Hotel when I was a kid and he would do security for random pop artists and he ended up doing security for Van Halen. He came home excited one night saying "I have tickets for Van Halen tonight" and I was like "Who the F is Van Halen?" - I was 12 years old so had no idea who they were. We went along to the gig and I swear it changed my life. Immediately after that concert I turned round to my father and said I needed to have a guitar. He said we couldn't afford a guitar but when we went back to the hotel with the band, I snuck away and I started playing around with Eddie's guitar. My dad freaked out but Eddie said just let me play and that Christmas I got a new guitar for myself.

In your PR it says "when challenges are thrown at Drew, he channels the lessons behind them into him music" what do you mean by that?
Any obstacle or struggle I have had in my life, musically or personally, always comes out in my music. I guess channelling what ever good or bad comes your way, making something of the experience so it is not wasted. You take something from it and grow.

What do you think has been biggest learning since you set out on your DJ career?
To be supportive of other DJs first off. It's like a family. Everyone should love and respect each others work. I love every type of music, deep house may not be my favourite, but there is a time and place for it and I respect those who play it and will love it when I'm there. Similarly if I go to club and someone is playing an EDM set, I will love that EDM set. Even if I went to a bar and they are playing 80's classic tracks, I would love it. Depending on the time and the place, everything is right.

What is the end goal for you? More radio, more remixes or do you want to cross over into commercial side and release your own tracks? 
It's something my DJ partner Brian Cua and I have started working on originals. There is one in the works at the moment that we have lyrics for and currently composing the music for it. I would imagine in the next 3-4 months we'll be finalising that and putting it out on a label. We do want to get into the production of albums with actual pop artists and get into the studio with them. We've done some remixes for Madonna and Beyonce, however I want to get in and do the actual tracks.

Which pop star would you been totally star struck by meeting? 
I am a big Madonna fan, so I guess I would get star struck meeting her. I'm sure when she is touring we will go see her and hopefully get a chance to met her, which would be pretty intense.

Who else do you want to work with?
The list is ridiculously long and goes on and on and on. We want to put our touch on everything. Its like being greedy [Laughs], we want to put our Dirty Pop on everything

What's planned for rest of 2015?
Lots of touring, we have a Canadian tour, South American tour and working on Asian stuff too.

Wow, world domination here you come?
Basically [Laughs]

Here are your SCP Big 5 questions this week.
Who do you have a pop crush on? 
Well I have to say Calvin Harris is putting our some great pop of late and he's pretty hot. 

What was your first reaction when Madonna fell off stage?
I gasped a bit, but she was a professional, dusted herself off and carried on.

If you were a superhero what power would you have and why? And would you wear a cape like Madonna?
I definitely would wear a cape and maybe have super strength so I can pick up buildings or actually flying would be great. It would save me a lot of money on air fares. 

What does Drew G wear in bed?
Nothing! [Said with a cheeky smile!]

What was the first pop record you ever brought?
First record I ever brought was Boston Boston and the first pop record I ever brought was Michael Jackson's Thriller. Its a classic.

Drew G, thank you for being with us today and letting us having your Dirty Pop podcast on our website, we wish you luck for the rest of the year.

It's been a pleasure, thank you for having me!

Drew G's podcasts and remixes can be found here or over on his podomatic site..!

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