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Thursday, 12 February 2015

SnapCacklePop Music Awards - OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award

No the Grammys are done, the serious pop music awards of the year can continue and now its time to celebrate those new artists that "wowed" us in 2014 in the OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award. And the nominations were...

Iggy Azalea
Charli XCX
Sam Smith
Ella Henderson

And the runner up is Iggy Azalea
Is there anyone who does not know this woman in the world right now? Well her smash hit Fancy with fellow nominee Charli XCX became a massive sound track to 2014 and all proceeding hits and collaborations with the likes of J.Lo and Rita Ora

And the winner is...Sam Smith
Damm we wish had put money on Sam being a massive international success when we first discovered him back in 2013. We'd be millionaires!!! Well we did predict it, you check here..!

Smith created an album from a broken heart, full of his soulful ballads and reflection of lost love that have captured the hearts of the world over. Sam Smith, we salute you. You are our OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award of 2014..!

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