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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Introducing - Bean

We are back in 2015 with more new pop artist thanks to our partnership with Reverbnation and to kick off this year we have the sweet and poptastic Bean

Singer and songwriter 23 year old Bean, originally from Nashville sells her own version on pop as “mainstream with a bit of the old 50s and 60s retro vibe” taking inspiration from some of the old Motown greats including The Beatles, Jackson 5, Paul McCartney and The Temptations.

A pop star in the making and a massive lover of pop music “I love pop music because of the definition. "commercial popular music, in particular accessible, tuneful music of a kind popular since the 1950s and sometimes contrasted with rock, soul, or other forms of popular music." Pop music isn't just a catchy bubble gum dance tune. It's substance that majority of listeners connect with and cling to. It's not about Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. It's about what's popular in the industry at any given moment whether it be a new One Republic record or a new acoustic Ed Sheeran ballad. It's beautiful the contrast in genres that can all be categorized in the same realm of "pop music". says the singer. 

Continuing saying “My main goal for listeners is to hear sincerity in my story. Each song I write tells a piece of my 23 years and what I've learned so far from living. I was to be as relatable as one can be through my lyrics and to let my fans know that I'm not some prima donna pop artist who only eats the green M&M's and HAS to have a salad for every meal so I don't gain a pound. I want them to know that I LOVE McDonald's French fries. That I've had my heart broken by a boy who I thought was the most perfect thing ever. That I've dealt with losing someone close to me and I still don't understand how to deal with loss. I'm human. Just because my profession permits me to sing and travel in a tour bus for a living doesn't mean I'm untouchable. I'm figuring life out and learning new things every single day. I just share my reality in lyric form hoping other people know they aren't alone when life seems impossible.”

Cops and Robbers was the first single off the self-titled EP Bean, however it was the catchy Rollercoaster we just love love love.  It quirky, fun, upbeat pop, with a great chorus, that will have your feet tapping and you singing along in no time.

This year is looking big for the singer with a full makeover planned saying, “Expect a branding makeover. Everything from a completely new sound to my look and wardrobe. Tumblr-esque at it's finest. I'll leave the rest to the imagination ;)”

Well don’t go changing to much Bean, we love you just as you are. Check out her great track below and grab your copy of her debut EP on iTunes now..!

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