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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Introducing - Pip

We continue to discover new and fabulous new pop artist from around the world and Pip is certainly one to watch out for…

After appearing on The Glee Project and The Voice USA under team Adam Levine, Musician, Singer and Songwriter, Pip, captured Americas heart with his soulful voice. His piano driven single Trash Talk caught our attention that will have your feet tapping in no time.

His love of pop music started as a young age and has been with him ever since, with his passion growing over the years

“Pop music is such a unifying thing for people. Most people hear their favorite pop tune and immediately connect, say "I LOVE THIS SONG!!", and then dance their faces off to it. I've always had the best experiences at shows with just infectious pop music and some of my best memories are listening to my favorite records with my friends. I just love how pop makes you feel!”

Inspired by amazing artists as Prince, Justin Timberlake, Sam Sparro, and anything deliciously 80's or funk, the singer wants us to share his music
“I hope the fans just have fun! I want to make music that people can share with their friends, dance in their bedrooms, and then come to a show and have an amazing memory. If I can impact anyone to get out there and be and do whatever they want to then I think I've done my job!”

And looks like we should expect some big things from the singer in 2015 saying “ I have an AWESOME music video for my song Trash Talk coming out early in the year and then we are working on a new EP and a tour in the rest of the year! 2015 is gonna see some changes in the look and feel of everything so I'm very excited for the fans to get a hold of the new material!”

Well we can’t wait Pip and its great to have you involved in this crazy world of pop. And not only does he have Trash Talk coming soon, he also has new single Hooked now available for your listening pleasure below and on iTunes..!

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