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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Introducing - Like The Movies

Continuing our “Introducing” series, we couldn’t look past the boys of Like The Movies

Not long on the pop scene, band members Chris Ganoudis and Nick Davila create Like The Movies (LTM) and have such a catchy single in All You Got. They caught our eye as they boys deliver a fun new pop track, with catchy beats and boy band charm. They love pop music just as much as us and have the world set in their sights saying “As artists we strive to create music that listeners can relate to. Our dream is to share our music with the world”

The LTM sound was created in Florida and developed in Nashville, New York and L.A. where much of the initial writing began. “We hope that our music takes people to that perfect moment…kind of like a soundtrack to life” say the lads of their music who draw their influences from a various number of places saying “We draw on a wide array of artists and genres as influences. Both of our musical skills are rooted largely in classic rock, however, nowadays we listen to a variety of styles from EDM to rap to country.”

Next year doesn’t look like its going to slow down for the lads with new music planned for in 2015 “We can’t wait to release the new songs we are working on and get out on the road and perform them. It’s gonna be a party, for sure!”

Well we can’t wait to party with you boys. Check out their catchy single below and grab your copy on iTunes welcome to the pop world boys..!

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