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Friday, 12 December 2014

INTERVIEW - Reigan Derry

On the day of her new EP being released we chat to reality TV show alumni on all things X-Factor, working with Redfoo, her new sound, her new EP, gossip from the ARIAs, her fans and being star struck still. Its the SnapCacklePop interview with Reigan Derry..!

HELLO Reigan Derry, Welcome to SnapCacklePop, how you doing? 
Feeling dandy today! Thanks

Firstly how was it at the ARIAs the other week? 
So much fun! Very different to my first Arias. Was pretty special to be sitting with all the other Sony Artists... Because I still see them as celebs!

You looked stunning in your dress, how was it walking the red carpet? 
I felt really great in my outfit! The custom made headpiece by Viktoria Novak was pretty special! I was pretty stoked with how it all tied together... and I was also excited the photographers knew my name!

Is it your dream to win an ARIA? in yes what category? 
It's absolutely my dream to win an ARIA! Best female artist would be the ultimate!

Before talking about your new single and EP, lets go back to Australian Idol, how much do you think you have grown from then? 
I have evolved quite a lot. I've spent many years singing and writing and honing my craft to a point where I'm very clear about who I am and what I want to sound like!

Did you feel well prepared going into X-Factor as you had the experience already? 
I never felt prepared!!! I practiced my audition song for 2 months before the show and still felt like I wasn't ready to sing it!!! The experience helped for sure, but it was still a massive challenge for me to do the show.

Well it wasn’t your first time appearing on the show after performing on stage as Scarlett Belle, did you feel this was an advantage? 
Performing with SB was very different to going out there and doing it myself. Although, I was lucky to have had a feel of the stage before the comp began!

Do you still get to hang out with Tamara? 
Tam lives in LA, but whenever she comes home to Syd we hang.

Our favorite track was Closure, should we expect your solo stuff to be along these line at any point or do you feel you have found your new sound after the show? 
I have most definitely found a new sound. Closure was a cool song, but I am straying away from the POP pop sound.

So you have new single All Of The Pieces out, tell us about it? 
All Of The Pieces I feel bridges a gap between alternative and pop. It's a heartfelt soaring delicate song that has a strong message about working together to make things better.

And off your new EP, did you ever think coming fourth in the show you’d get to reach such a moment in your career again? 
No I didn’t! I'm so thrilled that Sony signed me even though I didn’t make the grand final!

So back to the show, how was working with RedFoo? 
Foo is an absolute star to work with. He's funny, caring and enthusiastic about EVERYTHING! One of my favourite people in the world.

Did you ever question any of his choices for you? 
"Can't remember to forget you" was the only one I really struggled with.

Do you think its fair the social media backlash he has received of late for his recent single? 
It's kind of died down now, I think everyone that wanted to say something has now said it, and I hope that Foo is ok after it all.

How have you found your fans have responded to you on social media? 
My fans are the most adorable people ever! They are so cute! There's a lot of excitement about my EP from them <3

What is your favourite social media site? 

What do you want your fans to take from your music? 
I want them to connect with the message. Whether it's about love, or heartbreak... whatever it is, I want it to move people and help them understand themselves better.

Who would you say are your musical influences? 
Coldplay, Bon iver, James Blake & Lorde. All of them were pioneers of their own sounds.

Who do you love listening on the radio right now? 
I actually love AM radio, because I work with music all day so it's nice to just hear some people talking about stuff.

It’s nearly time for the SnapCacklePop Music award, who do you think will win best male and female this year?
 I think Jess Mauboy and Nathaniel should win because they have been the most consistent with great releases!

It’s nearly Christmas, what do you have plans? 
I'm going back to Perth, and am sleeping on the beach on Christmas with my sisters.

What is planned for Reigan 2015? 
More singles and an album!

To end we like to end on our SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions this week...
Its December, what is on your Xmas present list to Santa? 
Snorkle and goggles.

It’s also party season, what is your party trick?

If you were an animal what would you be and why? 
A Eagle so I can fly

Who do you have a secret pop crush on? 
Pharrell Williams

What’s the funniest moment you can tell us when being on X-Factor? 
Turning into a star struck fan in front of Ed Sheeran.

Reigan, we wish you so much love and luck with the new EP. Love and kissing from SCP HQ
Mwah. Xx

Reigan's new EP is available on iTunes now and she has just released the new video for the EP title track, check it out below..!

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