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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Canadian Reggae Rock Pop band Magic! took over the world with their debut single Rude. On their recent visit to Australia we caught up with the guys to chat about the their rise to fame, new single, touring with Maroon 5, rock and roll lifestyle and Chris Hemsworth, its the SnapCacklePop interview with Magic..!

Welcome back to Australia, sorry about the rain?
Thanks! We’re happy to be back! dont worry about the rain we’re used to the snow coming from Canada....

What brings you back to Australia?
We’re here to promote our new single “Let Your Hair Down”! 

So we have to ask Nasri - did you travel with a pillow this time or have you upgraded yet to business class? ( See picture)
No I actually didn’t. But I got this memory foam back pillow that rolls right into my backpack.

Last time we met you said your plans for 2014 was too "Stay focused as a band, release some more music and get on tour" do you think you have achieved that?
Well thanks to our fans “Rude” went number one in like 50 countries and we’re going on tour with Maroon 5 next year!

So you have been VERY busy since we last caught up exactly a year ago, how has it been for you guys? Can you believe it’s been a YEAR?
The year was the craziest of all of our lives... we’ve travelled almost everywhere. Now that were back in Australia it does feel like it went by quick.

What do you think you as a band have learnt?
Sleep as much as you can!!!

What do you think you learnt about each other?
We learn something everyday about each other. Yesterday I found out that Ben plays a little bit of cello. We’re looking forward to that. 

And you released your first fabulous album, how has that been?
Thanks! The album release was the highlight for us. We didn’t start the band to put out one song. The fans response to the songs is amazing and seeing everyone sing with us at our shows is just the best thing ever!

And its been non stop big gigs for you, from AMAs, JingleBall and now IHeartRadio Australia, do you feel you are living the rock and roll lifestyle now?
[Laughs] I don’t think we’re living the rock and roll lifestyle yet. We’re pretty low key guys. Hopefully we stay that way....

Well its quite rock and roll to perform with Wyclef Jean, how was that for you?
It was an honour to perform with Wylcef he taught us a lot about tv performances

And you are heading out on tour supporting Maroon 5, how pumped are you?
It’s funny when we started the band we talked about artists that we can tour with and the first band we said was Maroon 5. 

When should we expect you to come back and tour here?

And we see from Social Media you are back in the studio already recording?
We’re always recording and writing. Making music is not all business for us its therapeutic.

So new album in 2015?
Not so fast [Laughs]. We just put out our first one. Lots of songs and single still to come.

And what else is planned for next year?
We’re planning our own theatre tour summer I believe is being talked about. Lots of everything from shows to videos to songs and new fans everyday!

And finally before the SCP Big 5, who do you think will win our SCP King And Queen of Pop this year?
King and queen is a big responsibility so let’s put some logical people together. How about Iggy and Sam smith

To end here are the big 5 SCP questions this week?

Santa is nearly here what is on your Christmas Lists?
Sleep and family time... lots of it

If you were a super hero what power would you have and what would be your SUPER hero name?
Nasri would be “the magician” people always ask us if we know magic and one of us would be able to handle that.

Complete the sentence "I think the next Madonna album will be..."

What is the craziest thing a fan has done?
Tattoo lyrics from “let your hair down” on her body

Who would you turn gay for?
Chris Hemsworth

Magic! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wish you all the luck  and can't wait to see you again in Australia soon.
Thank you so much! It was fun!

Let You Hair Down is available on iTunes now..!

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