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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Introducing - Justin Dearborn

Continuing our "Introducing" series, where we feature 10 new up and coming pop artists, we came across cute as a button and talented Justin Dearborn who has boy band charm all on his own...

Upcoming pop recording artist, Justin Dearborn was born and raised in Boston and grew up listening to pop in the late 90’s such as Christina Aguilera and The Backstreet Boys where he discovered his love of music. “Well to be honest to grew up with it. It sort of became my inspiration for what I’m doing now!” says Justin.

When asked further about his musical influences he had so many “WOW this is a tough one. Everyone from Mark Cohn, who song Walking in Memphis is probably my favorite song to cover, to the pop artists on the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I truly love all music and I take bits of all of it when I’m writing.”

He’s been writing his own songs since the age of 10 and plays the piano producing tracks that range from soul-bearing ballad, or in sharp contrast, synthesized, radio-friendly tracks. We picked Justin to feature due to his recent single Crazy Over Me with its catchy beats and boy band vocals; even after one play we found the track got stuck in our head.

He wants his music to connect with his fans by bringing them happiness saying, “Most of all I want my fans to know that they are not alone. They may have been bullied at school, they may have had their heart broken, they just be having a tough time. I hope the music I have now and what’s about to come out will bring a smile to everyone’s faces”

Justin is currently recording in the studio with a team of multi-platinum producers, including Andrew Goldstein and hopes to release more music next year  “Well right now I pretty much live in the recording studio. So my plan is to finish some killer songs and fingers crossed get signed to a major label” which we think will not be too far away.

Check out his catchy single Crazy Over Me now and grab your FREE copy of the track over on his website now..!

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