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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

INTERVIEW - Samantha Jade

She has been missing for our charts and our hearts, so it was great to catch up with the gorgeous Samantha Jade...

It's been an emotional year for Sammi, however she is back with a new music Sweet Talk, taken from her forthcoming and long awaited debut album. We chat to the singer about the single, what to expect from the album, getting away at Christmas and Sweet confessions. Its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Samantha Jade..! 

Sammy J welcome back to SnapCacklePop...
Hi there! thank you...

So you are back with new music called Sweet Talk, tell us about it?
Yes finally back with new music! So exciting! I love the song! My A&R played it for me and i immediately thought i have to have this song!!!

Now it's being sold as bit Kylie, bit Janet, bit Mariah. But totally SJ. Care to break that down for us? 
What drew me to it was definitely the Old school 90’s Janet and Mariah feel it has. I love the fun summery feel its exactly the vibe i want to put out right now.

And you are dedicating this track to your mum?
Im dedicating the new album to my mum.

Wasn't your dad in the London studio when you were finalising the track?
Yes he was in the room when I recorded it and so were my brothers. It was so fun having them in the studio ! A family affair.

What does he think of it?
He Loves it!!! Hes my biggest fan always there to support me!

So this will be featured on your debut album, when can we expect that SJ? 
Yes its the first debut single from the album ...Early next year!

Have any idea of the name of the album yet?
I do ....but my lips are sealed!

Such a tease. What should we expect?
This album has been along time coming! Im so excited and cant wait for it to come out . its a pop record but some tracks fall under the urban umbrella and some under the dance one. Its going to be dedicated to my mum and will definitely have her stamp on it.

So back to the new single and you have just finished recording the video?
Yes! The video is summer loving fun and exactly what i wanted it to be!

And you are running a competition for the best sweetTalkpout?
Yes. I love a good pout selfie! hehe

So SJ, it's been an emotional year for you, what have you learnt about yourself? 
Absolutley . i have learnt that I am strong and also to never ever take anything or anyone forgranted.  Life is very short and it should be spent appreciating eachother and smiling.

We take it you will be back in Perth for Christmas? 
We are actually heading to Bali for Christmas! Getting out of town !!

What excites you about 2015? 
I am excited for my album coming out and new beginnings.

So to end, you know the deal, it's the SnapCacklePop big 5 questions
Bring it...
  Your new single is sweet talk, what is your fav sweet
OOOHHHHH that is hard. But I cant go past a smarties chocolate block.
You have been traveling all over the world, where is your fav place to visit/hangout?
I am in Love with London!

You love fashion and recently attended Dannii Minogue's Petite range launch, if you had to choose between pretty dresses or fabulous heals, which would you prefer?
Fab heals for sure!

If Samantha Jade was an ice cream flavour, what would it be?
I'd be chocolate chip cookie dough! 

The best way to "sweet talk" Samantha Jade would be to???
Be yourself don’t try too hard and make me laugh J

Sammy, we love you, next time lunch on us. Good luck with the new single and can't wait to see you soon. 

Love and kisses


Grab a viewing of the new video for Sweet Talk below and then urgently grab your copy of the track on iTunes now..!

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