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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The winner of this years X-Factor popped by the SnapCacklePop HQ for a chat about her new album, new video, her life post the reality TV show, meeting Jessica Mauboy and secret pop crushes. It's the SCP Interview with Marlisa...

Welcome to SnapCacklePop. 
Thank you for having me

Firstly congratulations on winning the show - have to stopped to take a breathe yet?
 Not really, it's all just a whirl wind for me still, even though its only been a few weeks since winning the show. I have enjoyed every single moment even though it has been a crazy ride yet so much fun. It hasn't sunken in yet that I won!

What has been the highs and the lows since winning?
I think being so busy and not get a lot of sleep which takes time to adjust too, however I'm enjoying the whole life changing experience. 

Did they prepare you for the change and the journey you would embark upon post winning?
[Laughs] No, not really! But I've had experience on the show and now this is what I dreamed it would be.

Have you seen any of the other contestants since you won?
 No not at all, everyone is off doing their own thing and I am doing my thing. I will catch up with them soon.

Have you seen Ronan been since you winning the show?
 No unfortunately not, not properly, just once, I'd like to catch up again with him soon, he was such a great mentor.

Did you ever question any of his song choices?
I did on It's Oh So Quiet, however he was so right with that choice of song, as I got to show Australia my personality.

Looking back over the season, you grew and grew as an artist. At first you came across shy, however by the end you were just showcasing Marlisa!
[Laughs] I really opened up. I felt more confident as the weeks went by and I was growing as an artist.

What was your favourite performance?
It would between Impossible and Titanium 

So lets talk your winners single which  is NOW GOLD and is # in Australian Singles ARIA change and #2 for two weeks in the ARIA - How amazing is that?
 It's unbelievable for a 15 year old girl like me and proves hard work pays off.

How has the reaction been with your friends and family since winning?
 It has been different for us all, however they are always by my side and I can talk to them about the high and lows, however I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN [Laughs]

And what about School and friends there? Will you be going back?
 I have been back to school for my music video and everyone has been so supportive. It's such a great school. It's sad I might be leaving them.

Why are you leaving?
Well with winning, it will be easier for me to get home study now, so I can continue my education and concentrate on my career.

And your album is out now, were you excited, nervous, or all of the above about the release?
 OMG all of the above. It's a great reflection and look back over my time on the show and all the songs I showcased.

So we see you are on a promotional tour of the album, holding babies and all. How great has it been to get out and see the fans?
 [Laughs] It's been so great to go out and see my fans and chat to all of them who have supported me on my journey. I've been performing at different gigs and I am also performing at Carols in the Domain soon. So excited about that!

In recent interview with Jessica Mauboy she said she gave you some advice on "Keeping friends and family close and to keep reminding yourself why you are there and that is for the music" - How was it receiving that advice from one of your idols?
I have definitely taken that advice onboard from Jessica, my family are so important to me and keep me grounded. 

And the performance? How was that?
OMG it was A-MAZ-ING! It was fun to the MAX and I got to perform with my idol. How many 15 year old girls can say that!

And what is planned for the rest of the year?
 A lot of gigs and as I said performing at Carols in the Domain, which I am so excited about!

And plans for 2015??
Well I am definitely wanting to release more singles and more music videos. They are so much fun to make!

Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next few years?
I want to take it a step at a time, release a few singles and see how they well they go. I'm really excited for the future.

SCP Big 5 silly questions for you this week Marlisa...

Who would you love to do a duet with, no Jessica Mauboy?
[Laughs] Well it would have to be Beyonce!

If you had super hero powers which would you have?
It would definitely be to fly. I want to feel the freedom a bird has.

What flavour ice cream best describes Marlisa?
The rainbow ice-cream as it represents me being full of colour.

Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
I would have to say Justin Bieber for his looks but not his personality. 

What three things would you take to a desert island and why?
I would take a factory of drinks [Laughs] Thats ONE! I would take my Lamborghini and my mansion.

So you have basically just set up the island the way you want it.
[Laughs] Yeah! 

Thank you Marlisa, we wish you all the luck with your album and look forward to seeing again soon.
Thanks SnapCacklePop, that was the most fun interview ever!

Marlisa's new album is available on iTunes now..!

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