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Thursday, 6 November 2014

INTERVIEW - Brothers 3

They were the fans favourite from the beginning of The X-Factor and Brothers 3 won even more hearts throughout their time on the series...

We chat to the three entertaining brothers on the the high and lows of being on the reality TV show, Dannii Minogue as a mentor, how they felt over their makeover and being like Choc mint with fudge brownie sauce. It's the SnapCacklePop Interview with Brothers 3..!

Brothers 3 Welcome to SnapCacklePop, how are you feeling being pop stars now?
It is wonderful – we are country pop which is great. We love what we do.

Can you believe how far you have come?
To be honest... no! It has been ana amzing journey. The X-Factor was a great experience and we learned so much.

What was your most memorable moment?
Meeting Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift... and being brought back as the wildcard of course.

What was the worst moment?
Getting kicked out at home visits.

How was it working with Dannii Minogue every week?
She is amazing! Honestly the biggest privilege! Best mentor ever!

Did you ever question any of her decisions she made about your song choices?
Yes, we were very sceptical about a few, but as usual she was right! We tried to Brothers 3ify our songs so we kept close to our roots.

And what about your make over, have you got used to it yet?
It was fun! But now we are back to the three country boys in flannies, we loved all of the attention.

So tell us about your single?
It is great, so proud to have released it. It makes people happy, which makes us happy, we like to make people smile.

How is it getting out there performing your new track in front of your fans?
It feels amazing! To have such a great response from our supporters, we’d like to thank our fans.

Should we expect an album any time soon?
All I can say is fingers crossed! An album would be fantastic.

What is the future for Brothers 3?
We would like to tour! And release albums. Hopefully we make a career that we can live off music, write lots more music.

So to our SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions this week...

What superhero would each of you be and why?
Shardyn – superman because he wears his undies on the outside.
Tayzin – robin because batman does all the work 
Makirum – batman because i want to save gotham city and the world

Who would you love to duet with?
Shardyn – Celine Dion
Tayzin – Taylor Swift
Makirum – Ed Sheeran 

Who do you have a secret pop crush with?
Tayzin – Taylor Swift
Makirum – Ariana Grande 
Shardyn - Beyonce

What ice cream flavour would describe brothers 3?
Choc mint with fudge brownie sauce because it is amazing!

And finally, In a dance off, who would win out of you three?
Shardyn or MakirumShardyn can flip and mak is good at hip hop.

Brothers 3 Thank you, we wish you all the luck in this crazy world of pop.
Thank you and all the fans who voted for us on x factor – lots and lots of love xx

Brothers 3 single The Lucky One is available on iTunes now..!

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