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Friday, 24 October 2014


Redfoo is now a household name in Australia and has certainly exploded across our screens again this year, we catch up with the LMFAO frontman for a chat before he returns to the US...

As he prepares to leave our Australian shores after another season of madness in Sydney and being a judge on the X-Factor, we chat to the singer and animal print fan about why he loves Australia, his thoughts on this season of the reality TV show, how Ronan Keating is actually a great dancer, details of his new single and being on Tindr. Its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Redfoooooooooooooooooo..!

Welcome to SnapCacklePop Mr Foo
It's GREAT to be here

How have you found your time back in Australia, is this going to become your second home soon?
I think it is my second home. It's so much fun when I am here, I can't believe I have to leave right before summer.

That is bad planning!
It certainly is my friend. So I am going to do my best to get back here VERY soon.

How was it sharing your experience with your crew?
It's been great to have the guys here. We got closer as a crew and working together on the promotion of the single and other ventures has made us stronger. They have really helped me out. Also its great going out with the crew on a night out...its made me feel very comfortable here. [Laughs]

It's like bringing your family on holiday then?
Well your "adult" family, which makes it so much better!

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered since being in Australia?
The weirdest thing has to be conquering driving on the other side of the road [Laughs] I was very strategic and brought a motorcycle. I said to myself "if I'm going to learn to ride the roads here, you have to learn it on a motorcycle" - so I pushed myself into a uncomfortable situation to learn quickly and there is no better way than on a motorcycle. Saying that, its still very confusing crossing a street, as I still look the wrong way [Laughs]

And the people of Australia?
Wow! All Australians seem to be so friendly, which is weird man! Am not sure its a outcome from the society here, however its such a difference. Oh and the drinking age is 18 here!

Yes, we drink a lot here!
The states doesn't have that, so from 18 to 21, teenagers are restrained from being themselves and controlled. Here it's just open and love to party.

Lets talk X-Factor - how have you found this season?
I found it great. The talent this year as been UNBELIEVABLE! I think its a step up from last year. I was very happy with my contestants, their work ethic, their talent and their artistry. I've had a lot of fun!

You must of been asked this 20million times, however you must of been disappointed not to be in the final?
I was disappointed at the time, however now am looking forward to the future and celebrating the season. That said, if I had to invest my own money into an artist, I would of picked Reigan. Not just as she was on my crew and I was her mentor, however from looking at pop music, she was the most appealing. She could give any pop star a run for her money right now!

We'd agree with you, she was a very talented lady and we hoped she made it into the final. How is she doing?
She is doing great. We just went out the other night and celebrated the season. She is so wonderful outside of work, in the studio, smart and a well rounded person. I'm still mentoring her and giving her as much advice I can to succeed in this business. 

Will that mentor relationship continue with all three of your contestants?
Yes of course man. I went out with Jason the other night and we talking about his career. He has an incredible talent and amazing voice. His musical knowledge, combined with his drums and voice, just make him such an amazing artist.

What about Rochelle, your soul Mumma?
Soul Mumma is AMAZING! Her voice is incredible. I'm still working with her on what her career goals are, as she is such a family person, which is so important to her. I can't turn round and say "leave you family and focus on your music" as I know she is truly the mumma of the season this year and I respect that. I'd never say "Leave your kids Mumma" [Laughs]

So look, you tipped Dean to win, why so?
I picked him as he is the coolest artist and if I had to buy an album I would buy his. I would be very excited to see what he came out with. However I think Marlisa certainly was the main contender. After Reigan leaving, Marlisa just grew and grew and the fans of the show just loved her and the show is about the fans favourite. She even showed this when she sung her audition song and how much she had grown, singing her song so much better than when we first met her. She will continue to grow which is really exciting.

So lets talk more about you. Your recent single New Thang that rocketed up the charts and we hear there is another single on the horizon?
Yeah, I am work on it at the moment and have never been more excited about a song!

Why so?
Because musically, I have tapped into something from the old school, that I have wanting to bring into the modern times, which is actually very hard. I've discovered a sound that, there is no name for the sound, yet if I listen to 50's records, this new sound strikes me and makes me want to dance. It's like a fusion of sounds, old verses new.

When should we expect to hear this "new sound"?
Very soon my friend. It's nearly finished, I just need to work on the ending. I already have the video in my mind for this track!

So the creative juices are flowing then?
That is how it was with I'm Sexy And I Know It, and that is how I feel about this track. I'm just undecided do I make the video and wait to release the video or just release the audio. Such hard choices man.

Will you be going on tour anytime soon?
Yeah I will be soon. I have a massive tour schedule ahead. That said, I'm looking for a new home back home, however I've had a lot of requests to come back to Australia, I feel I should shoot the new video back here in my second home. It was here that inspired my new song! I love it here man, I feel more creative here man and its about the song not just about the artist. I feels more political in the pop charts back in the US.

Will you be back for a third season of X-Factor? Third time lucky and all!
Yeah I hope so. The fact I didn't win doesn't put me off, I got closer [Laughs] I'm getting better. 

So what is next?
For me its the next single, releasing the album and getting out on my world tour. It will be a big time with the band and the DJ. I want to turn this planet into a party place, that was the mission!

So to end, we have our SCP top 5 questions, you ready...
Bring it on man!

We know you love a good dance off, who would win a dance off out of the X-Factor judges?

HE IS INCREDIBLE! It must be the boy band background. [Laughs] He was going some irish gig, that just floored me! [Laughs] He wouldn't stop! Holy Moly!

Your last single was called Let's Get Ridiculous, what is the most RIDICULOUS thing that annoys you?
[Laughs] When I am on Tinder, they constantly ask me if "I'm Redfoo"?!?!?! I'm like "Come on, it's Meeeeeeeee!!!" - Many girls think it can't be me, why would Redfoo be on Tindr, but I have needs man and want to meet someone! It's so annoying!

You are known for your trademark glasses, animal prints and jackets, whig fashion do you wish would come back into fashion?
I think we need to see see more animal prints and more flannel! I guess it people not caring and having more fun with fashion! You have to stay sexy though!

Your previous album was I Look Good Naked, which celebrity do you think would look good naked?
You know Taylor Swift looked might fine on X-Factor the other night and that Shake It Off video is preeeeeetttty HOT!

Last question, if you had to take on your X-Factor judges in a Hunger Games battle who would win?
It would have to be Dannii! [Laughs]

Have you kissed and made up with Dannii?
Yeah just the other day it was her birthday, so we partied it up and have put it behind us. 

Well Redfoo, its been amazing. Thank you! Good luck with this new single and the "new sound" we can't wait to hear. Please come back soon.
I love Australia and I love Snap Cackle POP!!!!!!

Redfoo's recent single New Thang is available on iTunes now..!

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