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Friday, 31 October 2014

INTERVIEW - Jessica Mauboy

She is everyone in Australia's favourite pop sweetheart, so had to meet up with our gorgeous girl for a chat over her new album...

No one can deny that singer Jessica Mauboy has had an amazing year, with a year of great pop tracks, the Commonwealth Games, Eurovision and now a re-release of her AMAZING album Beautiful. We chat to the singer about the exclusive five new singles of the album, her look back over the year and what is her party trick. It's the SnapCacklePop Interview with Jessica Mauboy..!

Jessica welcome back to SnapCacklePop.
I LOVE you guys, so good to be back.

How are you?
I'm doing great, the weather is great in Sydney and I have a new song and album out!

Lets first talk about your recent appearance on The X-Factor, how was that?
It was phenomenal. Maybe one of the best live shows I've ever done personally of my new track. It was so funky and so sassy, a little Tina Turner meets James Brown.

It IS very sassy kitten kind of look?
[Laughs] It felt like that absolutely. I felt confident and well prepared to perform after spending so much time writing the song, working on it with Tony Dickson and Babyface. It was such a great team to produce such a Beautiful song.

How was it working with Babyface?
It was quite random actually. I have a publisher in LA, who introduced us for a writing session and we produced two great song, one being the latest track and The Day Before I Met You

So lets talk your  new Platinum edition of your album and the album cover. Sexy lady!
I personally love it. Sassy is definitely the word to describe that cover and how I am feeling at the moment both physically and mentally. The shoot was very easy for me.

We love the playfulness with the hair..
You mean bed hair [Laughs]

However we have to ask, are you naked?
[Laughs] I'm actually wearing a beautiful singlet, which was lacey, however with my shoulders up in the air I look pretty naked, but assure you I am wearing clothes [Laughs]

So why the Platinum edition?
It's a bit of classic. It's my third album and every piece of music I have ever written has got me to this point. It's a whole new level of me. Very sophisticated and coming of age.

Let's talk through some of the tracks like Palace and Nothing To Lose?
Palace is a very magical song. It got to write it with beautiful writers and wanted to create something very "lovey dovey", something to be very different than saying "I love you" and wrap your arms around me. The lyrics says "put your hands all over me, thats all I need, your my throne, your heart is my palace" Using the throne as a place of love.

Nice! And a beautiful picture you have painted there.
Nothing To Lose I got to write with the DNA boys in Sydney and after writing with them on Never Be The Same Again, this was magical, as we have such a special relationship and bond. I wanted something a little more fun and quirky. This song is about empowerment and getting to the next level and giving it a go.

A very strong message to your fans too?
Yes indeed. With this album I wanted to create a message about being free and making the right decisions. It's an album for the next generation and also full of great fun new music.

It looks like you had fun in LA whilst recording the album, how do you keep motivated whilst in the studio?
This time around I have never worked with a lot of the producers, which made the experience fun and exciting as they wanted to make great music that inspired me. I was very open with them all and they respected that, and had an understanding of me.

Lets talk about the THREE nominations for the ARIA awards this year. Congratulations.
Thank you so much. Every time I here "ARIA Nomination" my heart skips a beat

Well we are smiling from ear to ear as feel these nominations are so very well deserved. You must be doing back flips?
[Laughs] It's just so great to be invited in the first place and now to be nominated after the pop world maybe wasn't as recognised a few year ago. This year its a well round cast of nominations that I am thrilled to be included.

Once again up for Best Female Artist, do you think you'll bring it home two years in a row?
[Laughs] I'm up against some pretty phenomenal women, like Iggy and Sia, so it's pretty huge to be amongst those women. I feel very flattered.

We can't say have favourites however we do Jessica Mauboy *wink wink*

Have you picked out your dress yet?
Oh there are a few options from some great designers.

So back to X-Factor, how was it standing next to Marlisa? It must of brought back memories?
Yes it was definitely an emotional throw back. I remember being so young and being in her shoes when I was in Idol. It really took me back. It's only just beginning for her and I wished the best of luck to her. I gave her a bit of advice of keeping your friend and family close to you, to keep you reminded of why you are there and that is for the music. And remember to have fun.

Well you have had fun this year. It's been a massive year for you Jess!
[Laughs] I KNOW! It feels like it has been over two years however its all happened in just one year. That's not only music, but representing Australia in Eurovision, then are the Commonwealth Games and Sesame Street. It feels like a blur. [Laughs]

So you must be exhausted, after the promotion of the album are you taking a break?
Yeah I think I'll "take a moment" [Laughs] and have a lie down and then see family, before it goes crazy in 2015.

And what is planned for the new year?
I want to do more acting and have been auditioning over the last few weeks for parts which is exciting. I want to branch out and grab those opportunities and challenging myself at the same time.

So Jess before we finish we have our SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions...
Woohoo!! I AM READY!

Christmas time is nearly hear, what is on your Santa list?
I want a polaroid camera, a quad bike...

Why do you want a quad bike? You can't drive that round Surry Hills!
I love quad bikes! [Laughs] I would't mind a new room for my clothes and shoes! And flowers would be nice. My boyfriend doesn't even get me flowers [Laughs] (We think this was a subtle hint!)

What is one fashion statement you'd love to see come back into style?
I'd love flairs to come back. We need them back, the 70's vibe!

Do you have a party trick or dance move?
I can do the splits. [Laughs] Not the banana splits the original splits!

It sounds painful! But we are soooo getting you to do that next time we meet!
[Laughs] Yeah ok I'll pull that out the bag for you!

If you to describe Jessica Mauboy as a type of ice cream, what flavour would you be and why?
Oh she would be a crispy, crackly, chocolate [Burst into laughter] caramel [Laughs again]

We'll call Messina and get it made! Lastly we know you love LA, where do you like to hang out? 
I love Katana's - I enjoy the atmosphere and food. It's amazing!

Jess Mauboy as always is been a pleasure, a true pleasure.
Thank you so much guys, love you. Mwah

Jess' new album Beautiful is available on iTunes now..!

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