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Friday, 3 October 2014


Returning to our Australian shores, DJ Helena is back on her Raven tour, taking every city on her massive dirty drop journey. So whilst the DJ is in town, we had to catch up with the gorgeous lady to talk about her latest single, being home, her epic tour of the US and bring her dirty beats home to Australia...
Helena welcome back to SnapCacklePop, how are you?
I'm great thank you

Welcome back to the mother land, is it good to be back?
It is so great to be back

Did you go running for bacon and eggs as soon as you stepped off the plane?
I actually did. [Laughs] I'm not going to lie, I went straight round the the local cafe and had a long black, scrambled eggs, bacon with cheese and toast. IT WAS AMAZING!!

The last time we spoke we noted the US version of breakfast being "slightly" dry...
I know. It's the first thing I do as I step off the plane.

And have you seen Cloud Dog yet?
I have indeed. I saw him last night. It was my birthday so I got a chance to see him..

It was your birthday and we didn't send a gift, how rude..!
You are!! [Laughs] I had a show in the central coast last night and got to hang out with Cloud Dog before hand. And I've brought him with me now to hang out whilst I'm here.

Last time we chatted, you were preparing for your US tour and residency in Vegas, how was it?
It's been insane. This summer has been mental. The shows have ben really really good and my fans have been so supportive. It really was a fun summer.

So we were in Vegas this summer yet our diaries couldn't align, so we are sorry we missed your show! We were like "arrrrgggghh"
You were in Vegas the only time I had a week off from my residency. I was over in Europe doing Tomorrowland...

OMG how was that?
It was awesome and so much fun. It was such a good show.

Back to Vegas, there is only so much you can do in Vegas apart from partying, what did you do?
Well I'm pretty much on detox now after my Vegas stint, if that answers your question. Whilst I loved every second of Vegas, I'm needing a break [Laughs] Of course I shopped, but Vegas is about the party, there is no beach like Ibiza, so what else is a girl expected to do!!

So you are back home now on your Raven tour, how exciting!
Yes its great to come home and feel so comfortable playing to my home country. It's great to bring my show home.

And you are playing the Ivy Courtyard on the long weekend. We'll be there, how excited are you? What should we expect?
Well I'm going to bring the party [Laughs] I'm going to deliver an amazing show, great atmosphere and great music. I'm all about the party and making sure everyone leaves with a big smith on their face. [Laughs]

And we are sure dropping a few big dirty beats?
Of course. Goes without saying!!

We do not forget. So we take it the tour is named after your recent dance anthem of the same name?
Indeed. We've been playing around with words and catch phrases like "lets go Raven". It made sense to tag my Australia tour with the release of the single.

 So are you a dark Raven?
Well the track itself symbolises the old school dance parties of "raving" and "rave" and the birds, hence the cover art was a neon raven bird and I felt it represented both elements.

So when we attend the show in Sydney are we Ravenette's?
Of course, or Ravelets [Laughs]

So are you still sticking to just releasing singles not an album?
That is the plan at the moment. I'm working very hard on single tracks and releases. So in 2015 I will be going guns blazing! [Laughs]

So back to your US tour which city blew your mind?
Chicago, Toronto and San Francisco we amazing. They know how to party.
I have fallen in love in many of the cities I have visited this year.

So we are now in October, what is the final part of the year for Helena?
Well I'll finish my tour here, head back to America. Will tour a bit more before heading to Asia and Europe.

Last time we spoke, you said you haven't had a day off, have you had one yet?
Ummmm [Laughs] NOOOO!!! I can't remember the last day I had off [Laughs again] I'm not complaining, as I love to get to see my fans.

We did check out your Instagram account earlier and we found this picture. Care to explain?
[Laughs] That is little Helena. Thanks Mum [Laughs] It was a pre straighteners moment in my life. A big blonde curly mop on my head. [Laughs]

Thanks Mum. So to end we have our Big 5 silly questions, are you ready?

What superpowers would you have and why?
Teleportation. Just to move from LA to Australia so quickly without a plane. It would make my life so much easier.

What annoys you?
People that talk really loud!

OMG that is us! Sorry
Well, I didn't like to say but... the interview over [Laughs]

What is an ideal date for Helena?
I love the movies and I love eating. Great food and company.

What is you favourite movie at the minute?
I watched Jumper the other night. Not a recent movie but links back to my superpower!! [Laughs]

If you were Queen for the day, what would you change or do and why?
I would give the whole world a holiday to go off and time of their life for just one day.

Does that come with money?
Yes free money. Totally. It's has my head on the notes, so I can just give it away [Laughs]

Well Helena, it's always a pleasure, we wish you so much more future success and look forward to hanging out this weekend at the Ivy.
Thanks SCP. Mwah..!

Tickets to Ivy Courtyard party are available on NOW and Raven is on iTunes now..! 

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