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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


No one can deny that Dami Im is now a Australian pop star, so on the release of her debut album Heart Beats, we caught up with the singer for a natter...

She has melted our hearts since winning X-Factor Australia and has delivered amazing pop singles in Super Love and Gladiator in the lead up to her first TRUE album by the singer. So we jumped at the chance to chat to the pop star on her birthday and album release day about the new LP, the highs and lows of making the album, celebrating her birthday, touring and getting inspiration from Miley Cyrus. It's the SnapCacklePop interview with Dami Im..!

Dami Im, welcome back to SnapCacklePop
OMG its so good to be back to see you guys.

Before we get to your new album, lets first say Happy Birthday from SnapCacklePop [We present Dami with flowers]
Thank you guys, that is so sweet.

It must be a very special day to celebrate your birthday AND release your new album Heart Beats, was that intentional?
As far as I am aware it wasn't planned, however has been such a great birthday present. I do not decide when it the album is released, so am so happy for it to coincide with this special day.

So how excited are you to release album out of 10?
It has to be 10.5 easily.

So its album number three, however this is your first album with original content co-written by you?
Its awesome. It feels like it my very first album, as its where I get to show my original music, not just covers from The X-Factor show. It's finally sharing with my fans what I have been working on over the last year. Its very vulnerable experience as well.

Why vulnerable?
It's like I am sharing my personal journal with everyone. You throw it out there and hope people like it. I couldn't sleep last night.

That's so sweet!
Everyone was asking "Are you nervous?" and I was like "no I'm fine, I'm so used to this" and then it hit me. I was going through every track on the album.

Talking of the new album, we must say Living Dangerously is one of your strongest singles to date and love One More Time, that funky guitar jam. What are you favourite tracks on the album?
It's hard, its like choosing your favourite child. [Laughs] I guess the title track Heart Beats Again.

Which you wrote?
I did and was one of the last tracks I finished for the album. I just thought, the album needed one more track, I started writing and Heart Beat Again was born. It came out of no where. Its a very simple song, not heavy on production and really summarises the meaning of the album.

You said earlier it was like sharing your journal, we note that many tracks are very personal?
[Dami's phone rings]
OMG I'm so sorry. It's Noah wanting to wish me a happy birthday again.

OK my personal tracks. Some I wrote and drew inspiration from my own life, however being a happily married woman, its hard to write songs that are about loss or sadness in relationships. So there are some song on the album written by some amazing writers to show the diversity of my thought. I used to write darker songs before finding Noah, however I have missed being able to write songs that are really emotional and I wanted to show that side of me to my fans.

And what about A Moment Just Like This?
Well I had time to think and wanted to write a fairy tale love story. So I wrote with my guitarist and we wrote a Cinderella love story. It's about a moment when you fall in love, violins playing and love everywhere.

Did that happen with Noah?
[Laughs] Of course, he is such a special man in my life.

And you also cover a Macy Gray track?
I really love that track, it's so beautifully written and wonderful reflection on the world. It will also be a special song to me which you'll find out why VERY soon [Laughs]

**We know why at SCP however have been sworn to secrecy and we love Dami Im, so we are keeping tight lipped**

How did you pull together the album?
At first I was sent many songs and though amazing tracks, I didn't find they all truly reflected me. So I started writing with some amazing writers and we have a collection of tracks that I really relate to, and also I have written myself.

So what were the highs and lows of the album?
It wasn't easy. The best part is releasing it. However making it was such a long process and I have poured myself into the album. I am also a coward and a perfectionist, so battled within myself over what was right for this album.

What are you trying to say as an artist with this album?
I wanted share with my fans the things I have been thinking about and who I am as a person. My goal is to ensure everyone can relate to the album.

You have also said you wanted the album to be appealing to all generations?
I am so lucky to have fans from young children to older fans and I wanted to produce an album that showed that and have something for everyone. I wanted a mix of tracks. I love the dance tracks, however wanted to show my other side, hence having such a blend of mid tempo and ballad tracks.

Will you be heading out on a nationwide tour with this album?
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm actually heading on tour early next year. It's very exciting. 

We can't wait! So back to your birthday. What are you doing to celebrate?
Well Noah normally buys me something very expensive that I do not normally need [Laughs] He once brought me a watch and even though so lovely I don't wear one and said "Thank you but why are you spending all our money?" [Laughs]

Any nice dinners tonight?
I'm actually going to see Miley Cyrus in concert tonight. I want to attend as many gigs as I can before my own tour to get inspiration.

Um, we are not sure you should take too much from Miley Cyrus gig!
[Laughs] Maybe not the tongue thing [Laughs]

So we are nearly at the end of the year, what is planned until Christmas?
I'm heading overseas to perform in Asia and MTV Shanghai. And also Hong Kong. The album is going to be released in 13 countries.

WOW. Dami goes global!

So to end, you know the score. Its the SnapCacklePop big 5 questions.

We know you are a fan of pearl tea, what is your favourite flavour?
[Laughs] I just the plain milk tea with 1/2 a sugar.

How does Dami Im kick back and relax?
I love to be at home and draw and paint. I'm not good at it, however it relaxes me.

Do you have a party trick or dance move?
I sometime break out on the dance floor at a party, however doesn't always look good. [Laughs]

If you were Queen for the day what would you do?
World peace? [Laughs] I would travel round the world and eat the best foods.

Who do you think will win X-Factor?
I think Dean will. He has something special, however its going to be very close.

Dami Im, THANK YOU so much from us all at SnapCacklePop
Thank you guys. Love you!

Dami Im's new album Heart Beats is available on iTunes now..!

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