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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Album Alert - Dami Im - Heart Beats

It’s the album we’ve been eagerly waiting, as Dami Im has released her highly anticipated studio album, Heart Beats...

Heart Beats sees Dami Im realise her long awaited dream to release a studio album complete with her own material which represents her as an artist. Once again working alongside renowned song-writers and producers including Jon Hume and Trinity Music the album demonstrates her as a true pop star.

As Dami explains, “It's been my dream since I was a teenager to create my very own album made up of my own songs. I dreamed of writing my songs, choosing them and coming up with a perfect title, and the perfect image to go with it all. I wanted the album to reflect exactly who I am so that it's a package of Dami Im, and finally that dream has become a reality in HEART BEATS.”

Dami Im showed such diversity on the reality TV show X-Factor last year, and her musicality and powerhouse vocals have been continued to be showcased in the two previous single Super Love and Gladiator, both released earlier this year. Dami co-wrote the majority of tracks on the album, solely writing the title track herself, and including her stunning interpretation of Macy Gray’s Beauty In The World.

As Dami herself explains, “Each track is so different, but also the same in that they are the things that are on my mind. They are messages I want to give to myself and to others out there. This is only the beginning for me, and I truly hope HEART BEATS excites those who listen to it as much as it does for me.”

Heart Beats tracklisting:
Super Love
Living Dangerously
Without You  
Moment Just Like This    
Speak Up 
Beauty In The World
Let Go
One More Time     
Heart Beats Again 

And with the Deluxe version you get these additional tracks:
The Hunger
Heart So Dry
Solid Ground (Stop The World)
Without You (Acoustic)      

The album Heart Beats is available for now on iTunes, check out our favourite track below and stay tuned for our interview with the pop singer coming soon..!

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