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Monday, 22 September 2014

New Album Alert - Anastacia - Resurrection

We are never Outta Love for Anastacia, so excited to announce she will release her brand new album Resurrection later this year…

It’s been six years since Anastacia’s released Heavy Rotation in 2008 and took time out of the spot light after a catalogue of poor health related issues – all well documented – including first Crohn’s disease and later breast cancer. Just last year she announced that the disease had returned resulting in a subsequent double mastectomy.

Back on form and ready to shine again, the singer is ready to release her 6th overall studio album, with her incredible, totally one of a kind of voice. Now fit and healthy, she has embraced the recording of this new album with her trademark passion and enthusiasm. And the results are staggering. It’s great to have her back.

Anastacia explains around the new album “Writing this album was a cathartic process for me. Having the opportunity to share my messages, my music to the world is extremely special, Stupid Little Things is about trying not to over think everything. Don’t make issues bigger than they really are....”don’t focus on the small stuff!” The rest of the album is composed of various dynamics, upbeat, ballads, dramatic, soft, but overall it is about positivity. I feel like this is the real ‘Anastacia’ coming back again.”

Anastacia was the best-selling new female pop artist in 2001 and is recognized for worldwide sales of over 30 million records. Anastacia burst onto the world stage with the release of her debut album Not That Kind in 2000 driven by the smash hit I’m Outta Love, the best selling song of that year.

Staring at the Sun
Stupid Little Thing
I Don’t Want to Be the One
Dark White Girl
Broken Wings

Deluxe Version…
Other Side of Crazy
Oncoming Train
Left Outside Alone, Pt. 2
Underdog (iTunes deluxe only)

Welcome back honey, we missed you. Grab your copy of the album Resurrection on iTunes now and grab a listen to the classic track that made us fall in love with the singer..!

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