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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Introducing - R5

R5 is an American alternative rock and pop rock band that are storming the Autralian charts at the minute, but who exactly are they?

Comprised of siblings, Riker (bass and vocals), Ross (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Rocky (guitar and vocals) and Rydel Lynch (vocals and keyboard) along with friend Ratliff (drums and vocals), R5 has rapidly emerged as an exciting new voice in the world of pop rock, with their debut album Louder hitting #1 on the iTunes charts in over 10 countries.

The pop-rock quintet have stormed our own Australian iTunes charts with the release of their third EP, Heart Made Up On You and features four new tracks including the first single release, the title track Heart Made Up on You, a drums and guitar driven anthem that explores the line between immediate happiness and inevitable heartbreak as well as the playful sing- along, Easy Love, vibrant pop track, Things Are Looking Up and the mile-high, sweeping chorus of Stay With Me.

For the past year and a half the group have been bringing their explosive rock show to fans around the world with performances in over 15 different countries including Canada, England, France and Australia. Part of the European leg of their tour was filmed and released by the band as a 6-part Vevo series, R5 Live in London; the series also features the band covering Counting stars and features The Vamps.

The band remind us of a new version of Maroon 5 and certainly have bundles of talent. Check out their latest single and watch out for these guys taking over the pop airwaves very soon. These guys are new, fun and fresh and worth checking out. Heart Made Up On You is available now in Australia on iTunes NOW..!

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