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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Video Alert - Allie X - Bitch

Fast becoming one of SCP’s fav new artist this year, Allie X drops new video for Bitch…

Directed and edited by Jungle George we see the singer causally hanging out at the supermarket wearing sunglasses, cruising the aisles and staring deadpan into the camera whilst shopping.

Full of deep synths and electro beats, the Canadian singer simply says this about the track...

“My shadow and I have come to an understanding. I can no longer deny his #Xsistence nor can I suppress her instincts. I know this because I have tried. I really have. Our approach is quite domestic: Early bedtimes, frequent simple meals and bite sized portions. In #Xchange, a few times a week, we go to the circus. A dangerous, but necessary descent. How do you live with yourself? #Xchange"

Gotya Allie X, we think! Well, the singer would love to see you "xhibit" yourself by getting you to get creative..

“Become an #Xhibitionist by publicly #Xposing the parts of yourself that are normally kept hidden. Create a video, image, GIF or remix inspired by BITCH and tag it #bitchXart, and I will put it in the #Xhibit.”

Better get the camcorder out then!

 And just for you pop fans, you can grab a FREE download of the track by heading over to the singers sound cloud here..!

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