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Monday, 28 July 2014

INTERVIEW - Jessica Mauboy

She is the sweetheart of Australian pop music, all round nice lady and a bloody brilliant singer, so we catch up with the singer on her Commonwealth Games performance, being in love and her latest iTunes Sessions EP. It's the SnapCacklePop interview with Jessica Mauboy...

Darling Jessica Mauboy, welcome back to SnapCacklePop.
Firstly an apology from us, that we can't be there is person. How have you been? 
I have been really busy recording in the studio and making some great new music.

You've been a busy girl of late, first Eurovision, then a TV ad for certain phone company and now an EP. When do you rest? 

I love working and talking on projects i believe in. I am currently in the middle of releasing my new ep with iTunes so there is no time to rest now, but would love to take some time out soon.

So lets talk Eurovision first, how AMAZING was that?

It was such a special moment having Australia be a part of a world class stage. I felt incredibly honoured to represent Australia as a guest to perform a song I wrote especially for Eurovision

We were a bit gutted you couldn't enter Sea Of Flags, as we think you would of won. Do you think you would of beaten Conchita?

I personally think if Australia did compete we would’ve definitely been in the top 5 and possibly down to the last two!

Did you get to meet the lovely Conchita?

Yes I did and she was very welcoming and we spoke of her possibly coming to Australia

So onto your new EP, why have you decided to do a iTunes live sessions?

Because it is something different and fun and I get to sing and record!

It's a big achievement being asked to do a session, joining Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas and Emeli Sande who have also done sessions. How do you feel over joining such big singers?

Once again it’s an amazing honour to be put in the same class as those amazing singers; hopefully we can all get together and do one big session! 

After releasing so many hits, how hard was it to come to a final set of tracks for the EP?

It was hard but I decided to go with something from my earlier days and mix it with something from more recently which I thought would be really fun, and it totally was.

There is also a Frank Ocean cover - how come?

I love the harmonies in this song and the way I can really make it my own, play with the different tempos and notes etc.

And you recorded this all in one take, that's impressive..
Yes it was so much fun; I didn’t want to stop just there!

It's like a mini Jess Mauboy Greatest hits, should we expect anything like this from you soon?

Lots of things in the pipeline that I can’t reveal just yet but stay tuned.

So we also hear you are heading over to Glasgow soon for the Commonwealth Games. How exciting are you?

So excited, another amazing honour to represent Australia and be on the worlds stage, cannot wait!

Will you be singing once again?

Yes I will be but that will all be revealed soon as well.

Is it on the plans to tackle the european market now you have performed at Eurovision? (We think you should)

Definitely but I have a bit more writing and recording here to do before I tackle Europe but absolutely on the cards.

So Jessica Mauboy, once again, here is your SnapCacklePop BIG 5 silly questions...

Last time we met you were "dating" - are you still and can you dish any more details?

I am still and I am in love!

What is an ideal date night out for Jess Mauboy?

Movie, takeaway in my trackies on the couch, is that sad?! 

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A giraffe so I could tower over everyone, I am very little you know.

Jessica Mauboy gets stranded on a dessert island, what 3 things would you take with you?

My phone, a microphone, and my love.

When was the last time Jessica Mauboy laughed so hard, you nearly wet your pant?

Today, I’m always laughing. 

Jessica Mauboy THANK YOU from all at SCP HQ, we wish you all the success with this new EP and we should catch up for coffee soon!
Thank you SnapCacklePop..!

Jessica Mauboy's new iTunes Sessions is available on iTunes now..!

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