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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ALBUM REVIEW - Taylor Henderson - Burnt Letters

Following our recent interview with Australian singer and song writer Taylor Henderson, the handsome devil drops a very strong new album…

His brand new album Burnt Letters clearly takes Taylor out of the shadow of being an X-Factor finalist to a serious musical talent. His pop folk style was showed through his first two singles When You Were Mine and Almost Gone and continues through his impressive new album. In the collection of songs, that are uplifting folk pop toe tapping numbers or moving heartfelt ballads, the talents of this young handsome man really shine, with each track telling a story of love, loss and life, which are tender, honest and touching.
Taylor has taken time with this album to ensure he could produce the most honest album he could, telling us in our recent interview
“After working and writing it for 8 months, it’s a pretty proud moment to have it [the album] sitting right in front of me! Almost scary to think that the last 8 months of work only goes for about 50 minutes on this album” continuing saying “I just putting down the sounds which I have had in the back of my head an I’ve also been working with some amazing people that I have always wanted to work with.”
Henderson was co-writer on all the tracks and worked with co-writers such as Louis Schoorl, John Hume of Evermore, Alexa Hope and Lindsay Rimes. The title of the album Burnt Letters the singer says, “represents how brittle and vulnerable someone can be even in their most powerful state. This album wants to be protected by the listener because it has this whole burnt and rustic feel where it’s slowly breaking away. It’s up to the listener to save it and share it”
Taylor Henderson, we applaud you, you are certainly in your own spotlight now and an artist in your own right. We are giving you 4 pop stars out of 5.
Read our interview with the singer here and grab your copy of Burnt Letters on iTunes now..!

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