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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ALBUM REVIEW - Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A

Jenny from the block is back with her 8th studio album, 10th release overall. Will it make us Dance Again or has J.Lo got us fooled by the rocks that she's got..!

Let's get it straight, we L.O.V.E (haha) J.Lo. Full stop. Our fav American Idol judge is soooo the girl from the block we'd love to know. With her 8th studio album A.K.A dropping, we had high expectations, however, the album has a very mixed bag of tracks, trying to be too many things, to too many people, trying to cover too many genres.

It's become quite a trend with many pop stars, they try and prove they are "down" with the latest young Gen-Y popstars, trying to maintain their original style yet stay on trend. However on this LP, the J.Lo that we love, is buried somewhere in this album.

Listen, its not all bad. If you think “classic” Jennifer Lopez, you’d think of high-energy dance-pop numbers that are found in recent single I Luh Ya Papi and First Love or the urban jams we love like on Same Love. However it’s the over produced tracks with awkward beats, forgettable raps or some very questionable lyrics, that make the album overall feel lost. And don’t get us started on the ballads.

We are sorry J.Lo. We still love you and there are some growers, so we’ll give you a 2.5 pop stars out of 5. Love you love you love you, just stay true to you. A.K.A is available on iTunes now..!

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