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Monday, 23 June 2014

New Single Alert - Eli Lieb - Young Love

You've heard him in the beautiful Allstate commercial supporting equality. But what you may not know is that Eli Lieb has been at this for a while. Even without the massive (and well-deserved) push from Allstate, you would've eventually heard about him anyway. Don't believe us? Check out his new single Young Love and why it's the latest treasure in this super-talent's catalogue...

Everyone remembers the feeling of young love, but it's not always easy to paint a picture that everyone can relate to in song. Eli perfectly captures the excitement, the naivete, and the omnipotence we all felt in those younger, more innocent days. And the exquisite tone of his voice gives us some really vulnerable moments that drive that innocence home.

The video is fortunately just as universal in its appeal. You might think showing reckless, teenage love would be easy, but several artists miss the mark when they get to the actual video. Rihanna (whom we love) tends to cross the line from harmless mischief to actual crime when she sings of her relatively more dramatic younger days of romance. And Lady Gaga (who, love or hate her, was literally the voice of a generation) crafts epic pop songs that become teenage anthems for the entire world. But when said teenagers watch her videos, unless they frequently wear clothing fashioned from the remnants of burned-down taxidermies or inject parts of plastic leftovers from automobile manufacturers into their faces, they simply may not fully relate to the visuals.

Of course, we're being dramatic there, but Lady Gaga encourages us to overdramatize everything, right?. So she wouldn't be mad... right?

Ahem. Interestingly, the musical genre that often does music video young love the best is American country music. And in fact, Eli's video is very similar to the bonfires and car rides found in hits from Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and other major Nashville acts. But those videos are missing one final universal component; same sex couples exhibiting the exact same mannerisms of love.

Which, ya know, happens every day.

That's what makes the nuzzling, hand-holding, and long stares of love between Eli and his video boyfriend feel so wonderful. It feels new and exciting because it's just not something we see a lot of in music videos. But the expressions of love are perfectly crafted and directed by Geoff Boothby so they seem just as commonplace as the hetero-love featured in the video world. 

Which, ya know, happens every day.

Female pop divas have long been embraced as the gay icons of the music world. Openly gay male singer songwriters haven't achieved the same type of hero worship, and whatever the reason, it's time for that to change. And Eli Lieb is the perfect place to start. Whatever gender gets your love organs a-flutter, Young Love is one of many songs from Eli's catalogue (downloadable on iTunes) that will warm your heart. Check out the video for Young Love below and get excited for more on the way from this amazing artist..!

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