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Monday, 2 June 2014

New Single Alert - Bonnie Anderson - Blackout

Bonnie Anderson is back with new look and new sound, grab a listen of her brand new single...

She may have Raised The Bar previously, however this time Bonnie is all sexy lady and sharing that moment you have a Blackout when you meet a boy. The track is a collaboration between Bonnie Anderson and renowned producer and songwriter, RedOne during a writing trip in Los Angeles earlier this year.

As Bonnie recalls, “Blackout came from a conversation we were having about boys! It is about a desperate desire and wanting something so badly and so passionately, you just have to have it now! The ‘blackout’ is that intense secret moment between you and that person, and nothing else matters.”

From then it snowballed into a pulsing, intense pop smash about acting on your strongest desires. As Bonnie explains, Blackout is something different to what people have heard from me before; it definitely showcases more of the risk-taking and passionate side to my personality.”

Her brand new single is a huge step in a new and exciting direction for the 19 year old, and is available to pre-order now ahead of its release on June 13th. Bonnie Annderson is no longer the 12 year old girl who won the first series of Australia’s Got Talent in 2007! She is now a lady of pop..!

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