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Monday, 2 June 2014

INTERVIEW - The Collective

On the release of their new video for Burn The Bright Lights, we have a natter to the ever so handsome The Collective...

The boys maybe missing a member but they back with a new sound and new look. The super cute band chat to us about their new single, lots of passion, shirtless selfies, appearing on Masterchef and pop crushes. Its the SnapCacklePop Interview with The Collective..!

Welcome to SnapCacklePop again…
Thank you for having us back...

Firstly, let’s talk the elephant in the room, what has happened to Zach?
Zach decided to leave on his own accord. There was no bad blood between us he wasn’t comfortable with the inconsistency and the amount of free time we had and said he would like to settle down and get a job as a fire fighter.

Will he always be a member of The Collective?
Of course he will. That was the original 5 and everyone will always remember him but we are looking forward to what the future holds for the NEW Collective.

You have said that you are a “new version” of the band. How come? You look and sound the same, what will make version 2.0 different?
We’ll have to disagree with you. We don’t look or sound the same and this will be proven with our new single. Our new look is a lot more mature to match our new sound.

So your single Burn The Bright Lights, is out, tell us about it?
It’s our third single and it’s out now. The song is uplifting and we feel that it’ll help people through hard times. We went through our trials and tribulations of 2013 and I think the song reflects that as well as it relates back to us having to come back even stronger this year than last.

You have said this song represents your passion, drive and desire to succeed, what do you mean by that?
Well if you listen to the lyrics of the song you’ll understand the message being portrayed is that of triumph and overcoming adversity.

And what should we expect from the video?
A 1960’s Mercedes, a big warehouse and a lot of passion!

Will you ever follow typical boy band stereotype and go shirtless for the girls (&boys)?
Most of us have posted topless selfies on the internet already, so if you want to see just Google it ;)

We did and we found this pic of cute..!

 If you were asked to pose for a naked calendar for charity, would you do it and for how much?
Look, any excuse for Trent to get his clothes off is taken in an instant! Being for charity we would ALL do it and free of charge, with all proceeds going to the charity.

So X-Factor is returning shortly, how much contact do you have with Ronan still?
We don’t really have too much contact with Ronan anymore as we’re focussing on our career and he’s got his own to focus on. This doesn’t mean we’re not still mates and we’re keen to catch up with him hopefully on the next x factor

Would you boys ever do the “X-Factor” experience again?
Unfortunately we can’t as we made the top 12 but if we could then for sure.

So what is next for The Collective?
We have been working really hard on our new single “Burn The Bright Lights” so all our focus is on this at the moment, but we are working on a lot more music, we would also like to make an appearance on Masterchef.

Lastly before your Big 5 questions, what is an exclusive you can give your fans here at SCP that we would never know about The Collective or each of you?
So Julian received a call from two girls to come over for a hang out. With such excitement Julian ran to his black Honda, jumped in the driver’s seat, threw his car into reverse and had an accident in the drive way. It was a sad, sad day for Julian.

SCP Big 5 Questions
·       If you all were in a Hunger Games battles, who would be the most devious / clever to win?
Jayden doesn’t have the brute strength to battle anyone, but he would play the hiding game and simply wait for everyone to die out.

·       What is one annoying habit about one of the other members of the band?
Jayden’s farts smell really bad! But it doesn’t bother him though.

·       The new X-Men movie is out, which super power would you want?
Jayden - Flight
Julian - Invisibility
Trent - Shape Shifting
Will – All super powers power

·       Who would you turn gay for?
Ryan Renolds, Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, zac efron

·       Who do you have the biggest pop crush on?
Ariana Grande, Bonnie Anderson, Samantha Jade, Katy Perry & Rihanna

Thank you boys, we wish you all the success in 2014.
Thanks SCP.

The Collective's new single is available on iTunes now..!

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