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Friday, 20 June 2014

INTERVIEW - Bonnie Anderson..!

Gone is the girl next door and now we have a sexy lady, as Bonnie Anderson returns to the chart with new single Blackout. We had the opportunity to chat to the singer...

...about her change in style, her new pop single, working on an album, having to apply lube, working with RedOne, not being cute and finding boys online. Its the SnapCackelPop interview with Bonnie Anderson..!

(after a massive offline gossip we get underway with our interview with Bonnie)

Bonnie Anderson welcome back to SnapCacklePop this time in person...
I know it's sooo good to see your face!!!

I know such a honour for us
So much better

It's been 6 months since we have seen you, so what's been happening apart from image change???
Yes, I've had a hair cut and gone through some restyling, along with loads of writing whilst I was in LA and New York. OMG I saw snow for the first time.

That's the first time you have seen snow?
I remember when it started falling and I was out for breakfast. I ran outside like a crazy woman and starting filming myself and was like "OMG it's SNOWING!!!!". Everyone was looking and I had to justify I was from Australia and its not a day to day event back home.

Was that your first time in New York?
Yes, however to be honest, I didn't see a lot of it. I was mainly based in Connecticut, so only got about 2 hours in the great city itself and basically just walked round in circles. [Laughs]

So who have been writing with?
I've been writing with a bunch of different writers and producers. I spent time with Billy Mann who I just loved working with. I spent some time with RedOne's crew...

Well that is how Blackout came about. It was so cool writing with them and was one of the last sessions we had. The song came about when me and the girls were talking about hot guys and the concept just came to me. That time you meet a guy and have that overwhelming moment, thinking "Damm that man is hot" that it causes a Blackout.

Is it like love at first sight?
You can take it that way, or you can interpret around that person you have been with for such a long time they still give you that passionate moment. I like people to have their own interpretation around the track.

So onto the video sexy lady...
Thank you. There was lots of latex and bondage attire...

Is this your new look?
[Laughs] Not everyday no. It takes too long to get on and off. I had to apply lube to get the outfit on!!!

Yeah my stylist said "Ok we need to lube you up now" and I was like "what are you doing to me?!?!?! [Laughs] It was so much fun though.

It's an interesting video with you driving a train in S&M outfit...
OMG it was so much fun, however each of the scenes reflects a different persona in my personality. The scene in the train was very dominate, powerful and very fierce

And a very handsome man...
[Laughs] Yes that was fun. I found him.

Um, you found him?
Yeah I found him online

Care to elaborate?
[Laughs] No I wasn't stalking!!! I was sent some options for potential guys to appear in my video and I held a mini man idol. It was so much fun, I could do it every day. When I first met him I explained we were going to get a bit hot and sweaty and he was like "Yeah totally cool" [Laughs]

When we spoke last, we asked if Break The Ice would appear on the album, can you confirm this?
OMG you guys love that song.

Well an album is in the works, so can't promise anything just yet...

Booo!!! So back to the album. When can we expect it, as you said last November you were working on it!!!
I am currently really exploring with my music and I want to release another single first and so you can get to know the real Bonnie. It's coming.

Should we expect another make-over for the next single?
Who knows. A new hairstyle maybe

Are you going to do a Britney and shave your head?
 Well maybe [Laughs]

Now we shouldn't expect a total image change and see you swinging round on a Wrecking Ball should we?
[Laughs] I don't need to do that. I was actually speaking today about Rihanna's outfit...

Would you wear that?
If I was Rihanna of course I would. Why not. Embrace the nipples! [Laughs]

So who is the real Bonnie Anderson, Blackout Bonnie or Raise the Bar Bonnie?
Well they are all me, but different sides of my personality. Over the last year I have grown up a lot. Each song reflects who I was at the time and Raise The Bar was more of the cheeky side and Blackout is the more fierce sexy Bonnie.

Sexy Lady!!!
I remember this guy said to me once, "OMG you are so cute" and I was like "I don't want to be cute, I want to be sexy!!" [Laughs]

So whats next for cute sexy Bonnie Anderson?
Well we are looking at tour dates and I can't wait to get on the road and sing my songs.

So Bonnie you ready for your Big 5 questions?
Totally bring it on!

When was the last time you had a Blackout with a boy and please dish the details?
A few months ago and I am not naming names! [Laughs] I like to be a mystery!

So what is an ideal date for Bonnie Anderson?
I'm an old romantic, but I don't expect much. A nice dinner but sometimes something random and different.

Trampolining is taking over Australia...
I know looks so much fun.

Ok next time we catch up, its going to be on a trampoline!
[Laughs] We'll ask questions whilst we are jumping. That would be hilarious!

Ok its locked in. What is you biggest fear?
Oh that is so hard. I'm not that fearful of anything which scares me. So actually my fear is being not that fearless. [Laughs]

Fav reality TV show?
Well I like to watch The Voice when it's on but I am hardly ever home.

And with the world cup being on, which team has the hottest players?
Well of course I am supporting the Socceroos, I love Australia.

Well sexy but NOT cute Bonnie Anderson, thank you once again for hanging out with SnapCacklePop and we wish you so well with your new single.
Thank you sooo guys!!!

Blackout is available on iTunes now..!

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